Periodic Table of HTML

If you’re a beginner web developer, learning HTML can be a daunting task. Root Elements. Tabular Data. Document Metadata. Even for experienced coders, it can get confusing to keep everything [...]

Picking the Best VPN for You

Mention the phrase internet security to a few people and you’ll probably get a few confused looks, along with obligatory responses that all tend to say “there’s no such thing.” With all the [...]

Online Business Ideas

It’s time. You’ve thought about it long enough. You’ve dreamed about it as you’ve sat in your cubicle day after day. You’ve spent enough time making big money for your boss while you scrape by. [...]

Internet Statistics & Facts for 2018

What conversion rate technique did Barack Obama use to earn $60 million? How many daily active users does Facebook have? What's the most visited website on the internet? These answers and much [...]

The Ultimate Guide To Website Builders

So you’ve decided to use a website builder. You’ve realized the cost is cheap, and the benefits are great compared to hiring a web designer, which can cost thousands of dollars. We’ve created a [...]

How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress

So you built a stunning website or blog for your business, but nobody’s contacting you. Terrible feeling, right? Well, most likely, it’s because you haven’t added a contact form to your WordPress [...]

How to Find Your WordPress Login

So you’re ready to build the website of your dreams with WordPress but have no clue how to log in. Here’s how to find your WordPress login (For, is below). So you went [...]

WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

The three Goliaths in this world of CMSs are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. All three are solid options, offering numerous customization options, strong security, and ease-of use. Sometimes, we [...]

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