Why Metapress

Expand Your Reach

We’re interested in publishing high quality content, at zero cost to individual publishers. We recognize that being an expert in a particular field doesn’t always translate into a large number of readers, and this is at the price of the public’s benefit. With our large readership and strong reputation for accuracy and fact-checking, we strive to publish useful content of university professors, veteran entrepreneurs, and republish content of publications such as Debian and the AMA, among others to share their knowledge more effectively.

Our aim is to amplify the reach of high quality content throughout the world, so more people can engage with incredible content they ordinarily may not see. We also are working with a handful of our content creators on building out courses, with a future intent on high quality video production of content as well. With a wide range of categories, we create, host, and promote content through organic search traffic, email subscriptions, social, and other forms of marketing.

We monetize several of our pages through advertising, sponsorships, and paid partnerships with larger publishers — but there is never a fee for individuals to submit content for publication, as long as content meets our quality standards. Our primary qualifiers are quality of content, as well as the trust, authority and experience of our content creators.

Metapress works with entrepreneurs, medical associations, open source partners, and everything in between. Our categories include entrepreneurship, medicine, law, marketing, sales, open source, research, with more to come.

We thank you for your time and interest in working with Metapress, and would be delighted to work together.

We are currently in the process of redeveloping our entire site, so you unfortunately won’t find many published pages at this time.

Know More, Do More

We’re a dedicated group of millennials creating a community around the idea that when we understand more about the world, we can lead more meaningful and impactful lives. We’re passionate, curious, and tech-obsessed. We’re business owners, engineers, gamers, lawyers, bloggers, and so much more: We’re the voice of our generation. Join us in helping more people make great decisions and find better ways to live a meaningful life.


Contact us with any questions you have for our team, we’d love to speak with you. As one of the fastest-growing resources of expert content on the internet — our entire goal is to help visitors answer questions, solve problems, learn new skills and find inspiration. Let’s discover more together.