When launching a WordPress website, you’re already confident of how well regarded the software is and what it can do to help you build the best site possible. Less understood however is the hosting you’ll need for that perfect website.

Plenty of options exist, from the super cheap to the middle tier providers on up to those intended as business solutions. But how do you figure out what you’re getting and if it’s a good service for you?

Let’s take a look behind the home page, and the blog and all of the other great content you want to post and see if you’ve got the right host anchoring your pages. And if you don’t, we’ll find out which service might be a better fit for you.

What Makes A Good WordPress Host?

What makes a good WordPress host

Before we get to our list of who’s who in web hosting, there are a few things you need to know about the service.

As the internet has grown, the technical know-how to build a site and get it online has narrowed considerably. Now with the recent boom in website building, there has never been a broader choice of web hosting providers.

But with so many choices, what makes one better than another?

When you’re searching for a WordPress host, you’re primarily looking for three key elements:


Back in 1986, in a prehistoric, pre-internet world, the movie Top Gun emphatically introduced everyone to the need, the need for speed. Flash forward 32 years and that need has morphed into an absolute, no questions asked must have.

When it comes to websites, speed – also known as load time – is vital to keeping your visitors happy and more importantly, engaged on your web pages. Slow sites will also see your SEO (search engine optimization) plummet. A few factors will determine load time including server location, bandwidth, and page elements or overall design.

Most importantly though, the speed of your site will be determined by your host service. Hosts that utilize the latest technology and provide more resources for your website are going to provide a better web experience. Also know that a dedicated server or VPS (virtual private server) are faster options versus that of a shared server, but will also cost you more money (we’ll touch on these options in a bit).

Taking all of that into account, with website speed you’ll need to make a few small concessions to ensure your site is loading pages as quickly as possible. Web hosting is very much about getting what you pay for, so be prepared to pay more for faster services.


Uptime is exactly what it sounds like, whether or not a web host is keeping your site up and running at all times. It’s arguably the most critical factor in web hosting. After all, if no one can see your website, is there a point to having one?

A website that’s down is frustrating for all involved, including users or customers surfing to your website, but if yours is an ecommerce site, it can cost you considerable amounts of income, that you’ll never be able to recover.

The providers on our list all perform very well at keeping the wheels turning. There will at times be a few services that see glitches, but overall everyone on our list is consistent at avoiding downtimes.

We did not include hosting services that were erratic or failed to keep sites up more often than they succeeded. Even if everything else they offer is first class, a web host is useless if they can’t maintain an active site.


Of course, money matters, and your money matters the most. A successful website is more than just traffic and speed and content. You want to ensure that maintaining your site doesn’t cost more than you’ve budgeted and that whatever you’re paying you are receiving the best possible service in return.

As we’ve already pointed out, you do get what you pay for with web hosting, and there is a lot of choice available each with multiple price tiers.

Our reviews will cover the shared entry-level offerings to keep the comparisons on equal footing. But be mindful that VPS service will run marginally higher with dedicated hosting stretching over $100 per month in most cases.

Other Considerations

While speed, uptime, and cost rightfully require most of your attention, there are a few other intangibles you should account for when choosing your host. Space, bandwidth, and support are three items not to overlook, as they are central to determining a good WordPress hosting option.

Space is the amount of storage that is available on the host server, which can significantly impact the build-out of your website. Limited storage means limited content.

Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred point to point over the internet or through a computer network. In other words, this dictates how much traffic your website will be able to handle.

Most providers do offer unlimited bandwidth though it’s not as standard on basic, entry-level shared plans. If you have a site that has a high traffic volume or deals in ecommerce, unlimited bandwidth is almost always worth the extra expense.

Our last intangible is support. With hosting services, customer support is not a vital consideration when compared to other aspects of working online. The hit or miss nature of some of the host’s customer service plays out this point. It’s there if you need it, but it’s not always helpful.

We expect you’ll experience very few issues with your host once WordPress is up and running on one of their servers. However, it’s inevitable that a problem may pop up at some point, so if having solid support is important to you, there are a few providers that excel at providing help.

Shared, Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers

Shared, VPS, Dedicated Server

To adequately cover the range of services that a WordPress host provides, our last area of discussion is regarding servers.

The storage spot for your WordPress site plays a huge role in its overall performance and depending on your provider, can make or break your website.

First, we’ll start with shared servers, where multiple sites are bunched together on a single server. The vast majority of WordPress sites end up in shared hosting, particularly those run by individuals.

For most basic sites this isn’t an issue.

Straightforward websites like blogs or small scale ecommerce don’t need a lot of room to maneuver, so shared hosting is an inexpensive option to gain an internet presence.

You’ll run into issues though if you have a high traffic website or end up sharing a server with an equally popular site. This can severely slow down both websites and any others that share the same space.

While far more expensive (and by far more, we mean a lot), dedicated hosting eliminates the web traffic jams and slowdowns, by devoting a single server to an individual client.

Cost prohibitive for most individual websites, this is a prime solution for larger organizations or enterprise clients or ecommerce sites that deal with large volumes of sales.

Finally, a VPS (virtual private server) is a hybrid of sorts that puts your website in a shared environment, but with far fewer sites jamming up space. Resources like CPU time and memory are divided up with some of it shared and a specific allocation dedicated solely to your site.

The common analogy that most people use to describe the three types of hosting equates them to housing. A shared server is like renting an apartment, VPS is akin to holding a condo, and dedicated is much like owning a house.

Understand your needs (and budget) up front so that you make a decision based on the goals you’ve laid out. As we noted, shared hosting is great for blogs or a small, simple website. Dedicated and VPS hosting is useful for heavily trafficked or large corporate sites. High volume sellers would also do well to be on more dedicated hosting.

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Services

With the ins and outs of WordPress hosting covered, it’s time to reveal our top ten WordPress hosts.

While you’ll find plenty of similarity amongst this group, there is also enough difference to narrow a handful to fit your particular needs. We’ll cover the best way to do this shortly, but first on to the actual technical specs and brief overviews of the ten best WordPress hosting services available today.

1. HostGator

HostGator WordPress web hosting

HostGator WordPress Hosting Service Summary

Lowest Monthly Plan$4.86
Uptime99.99%; downtime averages less than 10 minutes /mo
No. of Domains*1
VPS or Dedicated Server PlansVPS starts at $11.97 /mo; DSP at $105 /mo

* For lowest shared plan tier

HostGator Overview

Widely known and ever popular HostGator tops our list for best WordPress hosting service. Reasonably priced with a lot of great features HostGator is a good fit for several user types, including corporations, but seems tailored more to the individual who is a first time WordPress user.

Setup and manageability are effortless, and the overall performance is fast and reliable. Like many others on our list, HostGator utilizes the cPanel control panel and maintains a healthy network of 12,000 servers with site backup weekly.

If you want something beyond a basic shared server, HostGator has that covered too. Both VPS and dedicated server pricing are inexpensive with several options from which to select a plan. VPS has five different price tiers and the dedicated hosting boats eight choices, four for Linux servers and four Windows servers.

A few inconsistencies arose with customer support wait times being a little long. However, with as reliable as the system appears, we suspect very few inquiries throughout the life of your service.

Finally, as with most of the large volume providers, the shared servers can bog a little at high traffic times, but HostGator seems to manage this better than most. In the end, the price, services, and overall system performance combine as an excellent option for practically any hosting need.

HostGator Pros

  • Great value for such a large service
  • Excellent combination of speed and uptime
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth on all shared hosting plans
  • Generous 45-day money back guarantee
  • Best overall combination of price, service, features, and performance

HostGator Cons

  • Customer service can be hit or miss
  • Popularity of service can lead to sluggish servers

Best For: Anyone that needs consistent, reliable hosting at a highly competitive price.

2. SiteGround

SiteGround WordPress web hosting

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Service Summary

Lowest Monthly Plan$3.95
Uptime99.9%; downtime averages less than 60 minutes /mo
Bandwidth*10,000 visits
No. of Domains*N/A
VPS or Dedicated Server PlansVPS starts at $80 /mo; DSP at $229 /mo

* For lowest shared plan tier

SiteGround Overview

Slightly higher when it comes to pricing, SiteGround is a good hosting choice for those that work more on the developer side or prefer a do it yourself method. The hallmarks of SiteGrounds service include a keen focus on security and providing your web data a fast exchange.

From a security standpoint, packages include anti-hacking and anti-spam tools as well as hotlink protection. Your general services will consist of automatic daily backups and the ability for users to select their server locations (Amsterdam, Chicago, Singapore).

Customer support is on par with most other providers, but it does seem a step or two ahead on response time. One area of concern is the limited bandwidth on the entry-level shared plan. Depending on your traffic, you could reach the 10K visit per month cap with relative ease with a popular site. It could be a more significant issue if yours is an ecommerce site.

SiteGround Pros

  • Great value
  • Excellent commitment to security
  • User can select their server location
  • Good customer service

SiteGround Cons

  • Storage and bandwidth caps on all plans
  • Downtime can be a concern

Best For: Small businesses and individual websites with controlled traffic growth.

3. InterServer

InterServer WordPress web hosting

InterServer WordPress Hosting Service Summary

Lowest Monthly Plan$5
UptimeNo stated guarantee; last stated downtime was late 2017
No. of Domains*N/A
VPS or Dedicated Server PlansVPS starts at $6 /mo; DSP at $50 /mo

* For lowest shared plan tier

InterServer Overview

Not as well known as other providers on our list, InterServer has a few unique features that could easily vault them to first by year’s end.

A $5 flat monthly fee for unlimited storage and bandwidth is nice enough on its own, but the value is only fully realized knowing that InterServer limits the number of new customers daily. This helps to decrease the load and activity that new customers can bring thus keeping the servers running more efficiently.

In addition to keeping new activity at a minimum, InterServer also maintains its collection of servers right around 50% capacity. It helps they are a relatively small operation who own one of their data centers and manage their services with the customer in mind.

There isn’t much scale to their price tiers (one for shared, two for VPS, five for dedicated) which makes onboarding easy. Customer support also proves very helpful as the limited daily new user cap keeps them from being overwhelmed.

InterServer Pros

  • Great value
  • Excellent combination of speed and uptime
  • Inexpensive VPS plans
  • Unmatched customer service

InterServer Cons

  • No uptime guarantee means no crediting to account should any downtime occur

Best For: Businesses and individuals who favor a more personal, customer orientated hosting service.

4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion WordPress web hosting

InMotion Hosting WordPress Hosting Service Summary

Lowest Monthly Plan$2.95
Uptime99.99%; downtime averages less than 5 minutes /mo
No. of Domains*2
VPS or Dedicated Server PlansVPS starts at $19.99 /mo; DSP at $99.99 /mo

* For lowest shared plan tier

InMotion Hosting Overview

While popular in its own right, InMotion Hosting mainly gets the number four nod over as it’s not as heavily used and therefore far more efficient.

All plans are straightforward with three tiers each for shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. InMotion Hosting puts a premium on security and also meets the speed requirements of its users with two data centers in the US, one east and one west.

The real highlight of InMotion Hosting is their customer service. 24/7 support through the usual channels of chat or email, but they also offer the unicorn of tech customer care, phone support. While not as big of a deal as we probably make it out to be, it’s nice to know help is a simple phone call away.

InMotion Hosting Pros

  • Best all around value of any provider
  • Excellent combination of speed and uptime
  • Unmatched customer with phone support
  • Good security features

InMotion Hosting Cons

  • Could offer more advanced features

Best For: Business or individuals who value the combination of speed, uptime, and cost above everything else.

5. Bluehost

Bluehost WordPress web hosting

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Service Summary

Lowest Monthly Plan$2.95 (for 12 or 36 month plans)
Uptime99.99%; downtime averages less than 10 minutes /mo
No. of Domains*1
VPS or Dedicated Server PlansVPS starts at $19.99 /mo; DSP at $79.99 /mo

* For lowest shared plan tier

Bluehost Overview

Bluehost is without question one of the most popular hosting services used with WordPress and for a good reason. It is an inexpensive and reasonably reliable service that appeals to tech novices who may be creating their first WordPress site.

The big draw with Bluehost is that it’s actually recommended by WordPress as a preferred hosting option thanks to how easy it is to install (single click) and manage. Beyond the setup, Bluehost is straightforward with an easy interface and access to all of your management tools.

Speed and reliability perform as expected although as one of the most widely used hosts, shared servers can at times run slower than usual. It also may not be as feature rich as some others (no Windows servers, not developer friendly), and the lack of a monthly price plan is atypical from most other providers.

In the end though, if you want to get your WordPress site online, and do it without breaking the bank, Bluehost is one of your best options.

Bluehost Pros

  • Endorsed by WordPress
  • Excellent pricing and value
  • Popular product and well supported
  • Straightforward pricing on all levels – shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting

Bluehost Cons

  • Servers can bog down from the volume of users
  • Not developer friendly
  • No Windows servers
  • Customer service can be hit or miss at peak times

Best For: Anyone who needs reliable, inexpensive WordPress hosting.

6. DreamHost

Dreamhost WordPress web hosting

DreamHost WordPress Hosting Service Summary

Lowest Monthly Plan$7.95 (for 36 month commitments)
Uptime99.99%; downtime averages less than 5 minutes /mo
Storage*Less than 10GB
No. of Domains*1
VPS or Dedicated Server PlansVPS starts at $15 /mo; DSP at $169 /mo

* For lowest shared plan tier

DreamHost Overview

DreamHost is one of those providers that you’ve probably seen their name plenty of times, but don’t know too much about them. But don’t mistake under the radar for inadequate.

Security and simplicity are the two big keys to DreamHost being a wise choice. They also take the in-house route when it comes to their control panel opting to use a very intuitive and user-friendly custom design instead of the common cPanel.

Pricing is structured a bit different than most (and it’s actually similar to Bluehost) with the entry-level package requiring a 36-month commitment for the lowest tiered price. Though if you are unsatisfied for any reason, they have a 97-day money back guarantee for that first tier (all others are 30-day).

DreamHost Pros

  • Solid security
  • Easy to use
  • Great combination of speed and uptime
  • Unmatched money back guarantee
  • Good overall customer service

DreamHost Cons

  • Pricing for shared hosting requires 12 or 36-month commitment
  • No Windows servers

Best For: Small businesses or personal websites.

7. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting WordPress web hosting

A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting Service Summary

Lowest Monthly Plan$3.92
Uptime99.9%; downtime averages less than 10 minutes /mo
No. of Domains*1
VPS or Dedicated Server PlansVPS starts at $9.89 /mo; DSP at $99.59 /mo

* For lowest shared plan tier

A2 Hosting Overview

A2 Hosting is one of several discount providers that offers considerable value with fast, reliable hosting at under $5 a month.

The primary emphasis though is on fast. A2 Hosting is by far the speediest service on our list with an average load time of 150ms. For comparison, Google recommends a site be at 200ms. A2 Hosting blows past that by an average of 50ms. Only InMotion and HostGator (whose reviews are above) come near A2’s speed.

This is also a developer friendly tool with plenty of options for those that like to get their hands a little dirty. The main settings for performance and security are pre-set for the novices but configure easily for those that wish to customize.

If there is one complaint with A2, its that their customer support, ironically, is not nearly as fast as the service itself. They are helpful when you finally connect with them over their live chat, but it’s not nearly as reliable as the actual hosting.

A2 Hosting Pros

  • Unmatched speed
  • Developer friendly
  • Excellent value across all tiers – shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting

A2 Hosting Cons

  • Customer service could have better response times
  • Might not be the easiest host service for first time WordPress users

Best For: Small to midsize businesses, individual WordPress websites, web developers.

8. GoDaddy

GoDaddy WordPress web hosting

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Service Summary

Lowest Monthly Plan$2.99
Uptime99.99%; downtime averages less than 10 minutes /mo
No. of Domains*1
VPS or Dedicated Server PlansVPS starts at $17.99 /mo; DSP at $69.99 /mo

* For lowest shared plan tier

GoDaddy Overview

If you do anything on the internet, or even if you don’t, there’s a good chance you know about GoDaddy. The top domain registrar also provides hosting among several other services. While it’s not as robust as some others, it can certainly do the job at an inexpensive rate.

GoDaddy offers flexible pricing with three shared tiers and eight each for its VPS and dedicated services. Continuing with the flexibility, GoDaddy is user-friendly enough for first time WordPress users but also offers features such as Root access control for those who are more technical.

Even though GoDaddy has a positive overall track record, one would expect a bit more from such a tech-centric company. Speed and customer service could use a shot in the arm, but at less than $3 a month, the service overall will get the job done for a basic WordPress site. The service even comes with a healthy 45-day money back guarantee.

GoDaddy Pros

  • Great pricing and money back guarantee
  • Developer friendly
  • VPS and dedicated server plans offer good value

GoDaddy Cons

  • For a company synonymous with the internet a faster service should be expected

Best For: Small business or individual websites and those already bought into the GoDaddy ecosystem.

9. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks WordPress web hosting

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Service Summary

Lowest Monthly Plan$3.95
Uptime99.99%; downtime averages 25 to 30 minutes /mo
No. of Domains*N/A
VPS or Dedicated Server PlansVPS starts at $39.95 /mo; DSP at $169 /mo

* For lowest shared plan tier

GreenGeeks Overview

If you didn’t realize that green hosting was a thing, let us introduce you to GreenGeeks. Winning the award for the most unique hook, the idea for being a green host stems from the environmentally friendly mantra of wasting none of the company’s resources.

What this means is that they give power back to the grid through renewable energy. If you’re one who’s always thinking about helping out Mother Nature, GreenGeeks is a no-brainer.

Thankfully, they have a great hosting platform to match their noble efforts. While not an overall powerhouse the pricing is straightforward, the interface is simple, and they utilize cPanel. Also, the combination of speed and reliability prove adequate for the majority of WordPress sites.

They also allow you to choose your data center from one of their five locations (Amsterdam, Chicago, Montreal, Phoenix, and Toronto), which is a nice touch. They also offer phone support during business hours, which we always like to see.

While not the best service or the worst, we are still huge fans of the green angle and do think that GreenGeeks is a smart alternative if you want to do your part for the environment.

GreenGeeks Pros

  • Good customer service
  • Flexible service options
  • Good value and inexpensive for a green-based service

GreenGeeks Cons

  • Slower than most major services
  • Downtime can be an issue

Best For: Those that don’t mind sacrificing some performance to help the environment.

10. Liquid Web

Liquid Web WordPress web hosting

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting Service Summary

Lowest Monthly Plan$14.95
Uptime100% guarantee; last stated downtime was April 2018
No. of Domains*2
VPS or Dedicated Server PlansVPS starts at $50 /mo; DSP at $130 /mo

* For lowest shared plan tier

Liquid Web Overview

Our number 10 host could pass for something close to a niche WordPress service, but Liquid Web is mainstream enough to make our list. A much smaller provider than others, Liquid Web does boast a clientele that includes Motorola, Red Bull, and United Way. This reflects their general focus towards larger institutions and enterprise level service.

Although they offer shared hosting, it would be wise to avoid the pricey packages. Not only is the cost an issue here, but what you get in return in storage and bandwidth is not worth the money.

However, mid to large size companies will find a good home with four VPS pricing tiers that all feature unlimited bandwidth and three stout dedicated server options. As you would expect considering the target market, their support is excellent.

Liquid Web Pros

  • Fast
  • Excellent reliability
  • Great customer support

Liquid Web Cons

  • Cost prohibitive for smaller businesses or individual users

Best WordPress Hosting Services – Five Honorable Mentions

Now that we’ve covered our top 10 hosting providers, here are five potentially viable choices that failed to make our list. Not a knock against any of these services, but their omission stems from either a lack of specific features or having such a singular focus they are too niche to make a list with multifaceted providers.

Regardless of their placement, all of these are dependable services and are worth a look if you have the specific need that they can fill.

11. FatCow Hosting

FatCow WordPress web hosting

Unfortunately, we don’t award points on name alone otherwise FatCow would be our clear number one. Instead, they are the first one of our WordPress hosting honorable mentions.

Though FatCow is not as complete as other hosting services, it does boast some nice features and a single shared hosting plan that includes unlimited storage and bandwidth for about $4 a month (though a 12-month commitment is necessary). Affordable VPS and dedicated host plans are also available with three tiers each.

FatCow though deserves mention as one of the most user-friendly hosting services available, and we strongly recommend it for first timers thanks to its accessibility and competitive pricing.

12. HostSlayer

HostSlayer WordPress web hosting

Another candidate for the best-named service, HostSlayer focuses solely on VPS hosting plans and nothing else. This translates into two things: they are very good at what they do, and they offer it for an incredibly low price. In fact, all four of their VPS hosting tiers are less than $10 per month.

A popular option for hosting game servers, the service is fast with a 100% uptime guarantee – a rarity – and the security features are perhaps some of the best of any provider. Naturally, the limited service keeps it out of our all-around rankings, but HostSlayer is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in VPS service.

13. Limitless Hosting

Limitless Hosting WordPress web hosting

Another go-to option for hosting game servers, Limitless maintains their focus on highly affordable shared and VPS hosting options. Both are very scalable, with the lowest shared tier priced at an impressive $0.50 per month.

Granted, all of the plans are relatively limited in scope with both storage and bandwidth capped at every level. This helps Limitless cater to those users that may not require a lot to stake their claim on the internet. The narrow scope keeps this service from our main list, but again, Limitless deserves serious consideration if you’re looking for great hosting at a next to nothing price.

14. Site5

Site5 WordPress web hosting

Even though they’ve been around for some time, much like FatCow, Site5 seems to be an incomplete service that has plenty of room to grow.

The interface, support, and ease of use are all great features which help to make this service a strong candidate for novices. The offerings also include unlimited storage and bandwidth on all three shared hosting tiers, with the cheapest at just under $5 per month.

Unfortunately, Site5 loses some ground with some uptime issues and no dedicated hosting options. Again, similar to FatCow’s service Site5 is a good entry point for first time WordPress users.

15. WP Neuron

WP Neuron WordPress web hosting

The last of our honorable mentions, WP Neuron, is about as straightforward as it gets for WordPress hosting with a single shared plan for $3.75 per month. With their sole focus on WordPress (note that many of our top 10 providers will host other platforms in addition to WordPress), WP Neuron is fast, secure, and reliable.

As mentioned, there are no VPS or dedicated hosting plans, so you’ll need to look elsewhere for those options. But if you want no frills, shared WordPress hosting, WP Neuron should be your first and only stop.

How to Choose Your WordPress Host

With great power comes great responsibility. It also comes with a ton of WordPress hosting choices and with that comes a huge headache.

Okay, so maybe we embellished Spiderman’s mantra just a bit, but it doesn’t make it wrong. You do have a lot of power when creating your website and you want to make sure you get the best hosting service from the beginning.

But as our list of 15 hosting services proves, there’s a lot of providers.

So how do you select the best one for your WordPress site?

Well, to be quite honest, it shouldn’t necessarily be about picking the absolute best, but instead buying into the provider that works best for you. Our rankings are about overall quality, and take into account each specific factor, but then quantifying those has a whole.

The “Best For” section helps to pin down who might benefit most from a particular service and why you’ll want to take our info one step further to assist you in your selection. HostGator may be the top provider overall, but from a developer standpoint, SiteGound, with their do-it-yourself toolkit might be a better choice.

Or if price is your main concern and you can deal with whatever shortcomings that may present, then Bluehost is also a contender for the host that best fits your needs.

What you’ll find regardless of how any of these 15 services market themselves is that they’re all comparable with one another. When you understand that, you’ll ultimately realize that it simply comes down to a few features here and there that make one service better for you than another.

With that in mind, consider your top three must-haves from the following list:

  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Ease of Use
  • Security
  • Support

After you decide on the three most important features to you, pick the one item you can do without or at least means less to you than the other seven.

Now with those four data points, we’re confident you’ll narrow down the candidates considerably, which makes your selection process far less challenging.  If you need a tiebreaker, the price is always a good go to for picking a winner.


WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool and a fantastic piece of software to help you in the website building process. As the world’s most popular web building platform, it also should come as no surprise the number of providers hoping to be the host of your WordPress site.

Don’t take the decision lightly.

To ensure you get the most out of WordPress, whether its views, clicks, or purchases, the right hosting service can lead to unmatched success. The wrong one will result in many unfilled goals.

So take your time, do your research and due diligence and develop a plan for what your website needs from a web host to be successful. Even though there’s a lot to choose from, knowing who offers what and how well it matches to your needs will make it far easier to decide.

After all, you’re in the business of creating websites, not picking a web host, and little legwork now will translate into a lot of success later.

Best WordPress Hosting Services

Written by Alex Jasin

Last Updated: June 7, 2019