So you’re ready to build the website of your dreams with WordPress, but have no clue how to log in.

Here’s how to login to ( below):

How to Login To (Main Method)

Let’s say your domain name is


Weird, but whatever, just go with it.


To login, simply add /wp-admin or /login.php to the end of your domain name.


In our case, you would visit or and magically be taken your login page.


Here’s ours, at

How to login with (Main Method)

After you enter your username and password, hit the Log In button and start building your website!

With WordPress, your options are nearly limitless. I’ve written an entire guide on how to customize WordPress, but here are a few key takeaways:

If you have a site, instead of, here’s how to login to

How to Login To (Main Method)

Let’s say your domain name is


How can you login to your account?


To login, visit


Once here, simply enter your email address and password to be taken to your account.


You can always choose to visit the main website at, then click the Log In button in the right corner of your screen:

How to login to (Main Method)

How to Login To WordPress Through Your Web Hosting Account

So you went to your website’s login page, but can’t remember your password.

What can you do now?

Well, thankfully, you have some options. You can login to your web hosting account and get into WordPress that way. Once you’re in your WordPress account, you can change your login email address or password for next time.

We’ll run through these steps with Bluehost, but most web hosting providers will follow a similar process.

Step #1: Log In to your Web Hosting Account

In our case with Bluehost, you can do login by visiting and clicking the Login option on the far right:

Web hosting login

Specific to Bluehost, you can visit to log in.

Both options take you to the web hosting login page. Enter your hosting username and password, then hit the Submit button.

Step #2: Click on the “Log in to WordPress” button

Once you’ve signed into your web hosting account, you’ll see a button that says “Log in to WordPress”. Click it.

This will take you directly into your WordPress dashboard, no questions asked.

Log In to WordPress button

4 Simple Ways to Remember Your WordPress Login

You made it back into your WordPress dashboard!

Once you’re done taking that big sigh of relief, follow these steps to make sure you always can to login to WordPress. Here’s how to save yourself some trouble next time.

1. Bookmark the login page

Bookmark your WordPress login page

This is the easiest and quickest way, hands down.

For Firefox and Chrome browsers:

  • Go to your login page
  • Drag and drop the browser icon onto your bookmarks row
  • You’re done!

Another way is to press Ctrl+D while you’re on your login page to bookmark it.

If you don’t see your bookmarks, go to the Bookmarks menu item of your browser (like Google Chrome) and add bookmarks.

2. Add the login URL to your website menu or widget

This option makes a quick link ON your website.

Instead of always wondering what the login URL is, you can click on it directly from your homepage.

Ready? Here’s how to add it to a menu.

  • Go to Appearance from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click Menus, and choose the menu you want to add the link to.
  • Click on Custom Links on the left side of the menu editor.
  • Enter your login link, give it a name and click Add to Menu, then hit Save
Add login URL to menu or widget

As you can see above, we used as link and named it My Login. Once you save, the link will be live on the frontend of your website.

If you don’t want to add your link to your website menu, you can always add it to your website’s sidebar or footer instead. All you need to do is add it as a widget. Here’s how:

  • Go to Appearance, and click on Widgets.
  • Click on Meta widget to add it to your preferred sidebar. You can also drag and drop it to the sidebar you choose.
  • Edit your title and click Save.

3. Use “Remember Me” to Stay Logged in

Not the best option, but it can work.

This option only works for as long as your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) stays in tact. For some people, this isn’t an issue. Other people, like me, don’t like the idea of anyone being able to login to their site from their computer.

Only use this option if you’re sure that your computer won’t get into the wrong hands.

To set this up, just click the Remember Me checkbox the next time you sign in to your WordPress website:

Remember Me checkbox

4. Use a Login Plugin

As with nearly everything that’s WordPress, there’s a plugin option.

You can pick a plugin that keeps you logged in, one that automagically adds a login form to your sidebar, anything. The choice is completely yours.

Some of these plugins include: WP Forms, Remember Me, Sidebar Login Plugin or Custom Login Page Customizer.

Remember, Remember, Remember

By this point, you’re safely logged into your WordPress dashboard and also know how to remember your login details for next time.

Now it’s time to get building that website!

How to Find Your WordPress Login

Written by Alex Jasin

Last Updated: June 9, 2019