4 Factors to Consider When It’s Time for New Commercial Overhead Doors

Recurring issues with the overhead doors you have right now has led you to believe that investing in new ones would be the best solution. As you begin to check out the options for

commercial overhead doors at Universal Door & Equipment Ltd., do keep a few essentials in mind. You’ll find that by looking closely at these four factors, selecting the right doors will be simple.

The Materials

There’s no doubt that you need doors made using sturdy materials. Focus the search on doors that are made using the highest and most durable grade of steel. A choice like this one helps to ensure that the doors hold up well in any type of weather.

Remember that it’s not enough to note that steel is used in the final product. You want to know what kind of steel is used. Once you know how it’s rated and what it can do to ensure the doors last for a long time, you’ll know whether to go with that door or keep looking.

The Insulation

Insulation may not matter a lot if you need doors for a warehouse without climate control. For other areas where you need to keep the temperature within a certain range, making sure insulation is included in the commercial overhead door design is a must.

Find out how much protection the insulation will provide. This will make it easier to determine the amount of energy it will take to keep the temperature inside the facility within an acceptable range. The best-case scenario will be to invest in doors that make climate control easier to manage in everything from hot summers to cold winters.

The Security

Security is another issue to consider when you invest in new commercial doors. Would the doors withstand repeated attempts to breach them? Can they be outfitted with locks or automated door openers that can only be operated by authorized personnel?

You’ll find there are several security measures that can be included in the new doors. Review all of them and consider how each one would fit in with your operation. This will go a long way toward protecting whatever is inside while still ensuring your employees can come and go when the need arises.

The Upkeep and Maintenance

Do consider what type of care the new overhead doors will need in the years to come. Along with thinking about the basic maintenance you’ll perform on site, take a close look at the warranty and guarantee that come with each door. It never hurts to think about investing in a maintenance plan that provides support with the upkeep.

Doing so will ensure the doors continue to operate efficiently. It also means if an issue arises that because of a manufacturing defect or an installation error, the issue can be corrected quickly and without any additional expense to you. A maintenance contract also ensures that the doors receive periodic inspections and that any minor issues can be dealt with before they cause any major problems.

Remember that your goal is to invest in doors that provide the benefits you want while also lasting for a number of years. Choose the doors carefully as well as who will handle the installation. Doing so increases the odds that you’ll more than recoup the original investment in those new commercial overhead doors.

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