4 Qualities That You Want From Your Commercial Floor Care Equipment

Taking care of the floors in your commercial or industrial facility is important for more than one reason. You do want the floors to look their best at all times. There’s also the matter of ensuring the floors are free of anything that could lead to some sort of mishap. As you consider investing in new floor care equipment, take a look at what’s found at floorscrubbers.ca and how it could be idea for you. Along the way, look for these four qualities.

Right for the Types of Floors in Your Facility

Do you have more than one type of floor in your facility? Perhaps there’s tile in some areas of the structure while there’s polished concrete in others. The office areas also have carpeting. That means you’ll need more than one type of floor care equipment.

Consider the range of Toronto floor scrubbers and carpet vacuums that you see. Is there one that will work equally well for concrete floors as well as those covered with tiles? If so, you may want to look at that scrubber and pair it with something to keep the carpets in the office area looking their best.

High Performance Ratings

Do take the time to research the performance ratings of any equipment that catches your eye. The goal is to find out what other buyers like about the equipment as well as any challenges they may have experienced. This type of information will help you decide if there’s no need to look further or if it would be a good idea to consider something else.

Keep in mind that even the best commercial carpet vacuum will not please everyone. If you see one review that’s not great but there are other glowing ones, there’s a good chance that piece of equipment is fine. Should you see multiple reviews that spotlight the same issue, it may be in your best interests to keep looking.

Ease of Operation

The team that takes care of the cleaning around your facility should not have to spend a lot of time learning how to use a new piece of equipment. To that end, you want to invest in something that is easy to understand and operate. You can usually take a look at the design and the controls to see if there is anything out of the ordinary.

Remember that a cleaning team that has no problem operating your new industrial carpet vacuum will be able to do a thorough job each time they use it. They will also be able to finish cleaning different areas in less time. Think of this aspect as making it all the easier for those employees to be productive.

Reasonably Good Warranty and Guarantee

Along with the features and the functions of that new floor scrubber, consider the type of warranty and guarantee that comes with the equipment. It helps to know that if there’s an issue with something done during the manufacturing, the expense to you will be little to nothing. A guarantee that covers the replacement cost of parts that may break down under what’s considered reasonable use is also helpful. These types of protections go a long way toward protecting the investment that you made when purchasing the equipment.

If you’re not sure what sort of floor cleaning equipment is right for you, seek advice from a professional. Discuss the types of flooring you have and how much traffic each one experiences. That will make it easier to come up with solutions that serve you well for a long time.

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