5 concrete reasons your kids should play video games

If you’re one of those parents who thinks that playing video games is causing your kids health issues then you’re wrong. A recent study conducted by the WHO (World Health Organization) on children’s health found that video games can enlighten your kid’s imagination world. And you never know he might be a next stan lee.

More than 64 million kids around the world are playing video games according to Cnet in the year 2019. And the IQ ratio has increased to 3 points over the last decade due to technology and video games.

As a millennial, you might have seen your younger siblings crawling in the house for more than two years. But this is not the case with your kids because their IQ is not the same as your siblings. After all, in the United States, it has surged up to 2.93 points. Let’s see what other advantages your kids are getting by playing video games.

  • Better communication

Playing a video game; whether it’s online or offline, it teaches them better ways of communicating even in the most tense situations during the games. They use it to target their enemies by sending messages in codes, even you can’t understand their next move.

Talking about their personal lives, this way of communication will make them a better couple, parent, and colleagues in their professional lives.

  • Strong reasoning abilities

Reasoning ability will enable your kids to understand why, what, and how. These three questions can give a 360-degree change in their daily lives. It’s a process where the player gets information from 5 senses and decodes it into an information.

While playing a game, their listening, and watching abilities help them to process the raw facts into information. The best example of a reasoning game is to play Agen sbobet.

  • Self-confidence

Self-confidence is something that can make your kid a leader or a slave. Playing an online game will help them to trust their own judgments and abilities to make decisions that can turn the game into their bucket.

Although they might have some imperfections which leads them towards failure but this will make their personalities as strong as a rock.

  • Increase reading ability

A research conducted on 200 college students among which 100 were the regular game players and the other 100 were not aware of the word game.

After 30 days, the panel found that those who played games these days were more focused on reading and their questioning abilities were far stronger than those who didn’t play any game.

Thus proved that playing games like Agen sbobet can help your children to nail their academics with their concrete will powers.

The last words

By giving it a conclusion, playing online games can increase your kids’ memory, enhance their reasoning abilities, giving them self-confidence, and many other ethical advantages in their characters.

In the modern era, where technology is overtaking every sector of life: it has also left her fingerprints on the gaming industry. The game developers are the persons with high IQs and come with psychological backgrounds to increase the performances of your kids in every field of life.

Lakisha Davis

Lakisha Davis is a 20-year-old business studies student who enjoys watching tv shows, stealing candy from babies, and listening to the radio. She is creative and friendly, but can also be very boring and a bit selfish.

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