5 Important Things to Know Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant

A good virtual assistant is worth his weight in gold. Handling everything from making dinner reservations to filing expense reports, virtual assistants make the lives of busy professionals run more smoothly.

The trick to getting the most out of your virtual assistant is knowing how to find the right match. If you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant, consider these 5 tips before getting started. 

1. Get Clarity

The worst thing a professional can do is make up a list of tasks as you go along. This complicates your relationship with your virtual assistant because even the top VAs won’t know how to make you happy.

Get clarity on what you need help with by writing a list of expected duties. This won’t be a finite list, but it’s a starting point for writing your job description.

This serves as the foundation for your new assistant and allows them to be proactive when your communication lapses.

2. Write a Clear Job Description

Beyond just a brainstorming session, a job description is a hiring basis for your virtual assistant. It’s a helpful tool when you’re comparing resumes so you don’t lose sight of your goals.

Look for similar language between your job description and the background of your virtual assistant resumes. Guard against getting caught up in impressive accolades that have nothing to do with your specific needs. 

3. Budget, Budget, Budget

The next thing you want to consider before hiring a virtual assistant is your budget. Most virtual assistants work on an hourly basis. 

This means that your job description should reflect duties that equal the time you can afford to pay for. It may be necessary to scale back on your job description if you find that you’re asking for a 40-hour workweek when you can only afford to cover part-time responsibilities. 

4. Set Up Interviews

Next, you’ll need to take the time to meet your top candidates. Never narrow it down to one person simply based on a resume or reviews.

You need the experience that comes with talking to virtual assistants to get a sense of what a person in the role can bring to the table. 

5. Train and Trial

You need both a training period and trial period in place when you hire a virtual assistant. Even top candidates need direction on how to navigate tasks within your lifestyle. 

Their last client might have had a completely different communication style. Give them time to train with you and then let them know you’re working on a 90 day trial period to make sure the situation is a good fit for you both. 

Have a system in place like the reliable pay stubs generator to make sure payroll doesn’t become a burden down the road. 

Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Being a manager is no small task. When you hire a virtual assistant, you are taking on the responsibility of managing their time, payroll and making sure tasks are done correctly.

While you’re saving yourself hours of responsibilities, being a manager is still a big job. Make sure you’re ready to take on the additional work before hiring your first virtual assistant. 

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