5 Tips for Getting the Best Out of Franna Crane Hire

Are you looking to hire a crane for your latest construction project? Cranes are expensive and investing in one may be unnecessary. Hiring a crane is often the best solution for carrying out any of your project requirements.

Different cranes do different jobs. Does your project entail using a mobile “pick and carry” crane that’ll travel long distances? Then speaking to a Franna crane hire company is the right step to take. Crane hire companies operate in many countries including Australia. For Franna crane hire Melbourne companies have a lot to offer and using this service is easy once you know how.  

What do you need to know about hiring a crane for your project? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your crane hire so you can rest assured your project runs smoothly.

Franna Crane Hire Tips

Hiring a crane is often the best solution when you don’t want to spend your budget on buying one. But hiring can come with its complications too. Knowing what to look out for will go a long way to ensuring all goes well on site.

1. Assessment of Job Type

Do you know what type of job you want the crane to carry out? Assessing the tasks to be performed will help you determine what requirements you need from a crane. You’ll also need to know the conditions under which the crane will operate.

Some factors to take into consideration when deciding which crane to hire could include the following:

  • Lifting capacity: What load weights will you be working with when using a crane? Franna cranes have lifting capacity of anything from 10 tonnes to 25 tonnes and some can handle even more.
  • Extended reach: What boom length do you need? Cranes come with different booms for different reach ranges. You do have the option of hiring a crane with an extendable telescopic boom which can be adjusted on the job.
  • Axle type: Are you looking for a 3-axle crane or a 5-axle crane? Different axle load regulations mean you’ll be able to choose the axle type best for your load requirements.
  • Folding jib: Does your job require a crane with a fixed jib or a multi-functional folding jib? This feature adds versatility to the types of jobs a crane can carry out.

Many hiring companies will send out a specialist to assess the project’s tasks and conditions. Find out if the crane hire company you’re planning to use offers this service, so you know what to expect.

2. Condition and Maintenance of Cranes

Is the crane you’re going to hire in good condition? One of the pitfalls of hiring plant equipment is the risk of getting machinery that’s not well-maintained. You also run the risk of working with old, outdated equipment.

Check with the crane hire company and find out if their cranes are fully functioning and make use of the latest technology. You don’t want a crane breaking down halfway through your project and stalling your progress.

Find out if the crane hire company regularly services the machinery.  Do they maintain the crane for the duration of your project or are you expected to handle the maintenance yourself?

3. Crane Operators

It’s your responsibility as the manager overseeing the project to ensure all staff know how to operate plant equipment safely. Being aware of all potential hazards while using a crane is essential, so ongoing training is necessary. Most countries stipulate the level of competency of a crane operator so make sure you’re in accordance with these regulations.

If you don’t have a fully trained crane operator on the project team, consider approaching a crane hire company that can provide an operator. A professional crane hire company will make sure they use highly experienced drivers and operators to ensure safety and compliance.

4. Reliability and Convenience

It’s not only important for the crane you hire to be reliable. You also want to know the crane hire company gives you reliable service at all times. The success of your project depends on the whole team coming together and doing their bit. This also means factoring in the people managing your crane requirements.

Can you rely on the hire company to provide a crane when you need it? Are they situated close to your project site? Hiring a crane is meant to simplify project management from your side. A crane hire company should be able to guarantee reliability and availability at all times.

5. Costs of Crane Hire

Before signing a contract, find out what costs are entailed. Besides the actual hire cost, consider insurance, maintenance and repairs, supervision and operating of the crane and delivery of the crane to your site.

Final Thoughts

Hiring plant equipment for construction projects is often the best route to take when looking to save on your budget. Using a reputable crane hire company will give you peace of mind you’ve done the right thing for your project. Keep these tips in mind when your next project requires you to sign a Franna hire contract.  

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