7 Easy Ways to Write an Essay

For many students, it is overwhelming to handle their essays, especially if the deadline is so tight. Since it may look unattainable based on other tasks that students have to handle. Well, all said and done. We have highlighted the 7 easy ways to write an essay in this article that you should consider.

To write the best essay, first, you need to be committed to writing it within the deadline. Second, you need to come up with the best essay writing plan.

If you don’t have any idea on how to write your essay, take a look at the following detailed steps that will help you a lot next time you need to draft one.

What Are The 7 Easy Ways To Write An Essay?

Steps To Write an Essay

1. Pose a Question

You need to start with a question that will help you come up with a successful essay in the easiest way. To do this, you will have to answer the question you posed in the essay. Therefore, take as much time as you need to break up the question into different parts.

One way you can use to divide the question is through paying close attention to words such as; discuss, evaluate, or compare. Such words will always guide you to determine what you need to write in your essay. After that, pay attention to the key topic words because they will guide you on which subject to write about in your essay.

2. Plan how to Write the Essay

It’s good to make a plan on how you need to handle every part of the essay. For instance, you can opt to brainstorm or mind map the ideas and knowledge you already have on your topic.

Once you have done that, write the questions that are essential to your essay down and that you need to do further research on.

The plan should also determine the time you have to write the entire paper. If you have 24 hours, then consider hours for outlining, for writing the body of the essay, and time you need to revise it.

Hence, the time allocated to write the essay should be distributed accordingly to ensure you write only the best essay for good grades.

3. Research Answers to the Questions

Now, pool all your energy and focus on finding the appropriate answers to the questions you posed above for the essay. It makes your research simpler since you will be looking for answers to the questions for different parts.

Similarly, it makes the research more focused and efficient.

You can opt to start with the main texts that have been provided to guide you in writing, then do vast research using online resources and cheap essay writing services such as AffordablePapers. Use indexes when using books to assist you in easily locate what you need.

A key phrase or word will be ideal when it comes to online source research. Don’t forget to note your references for later use.

4. Draft Your Key Arguments

After you have researched adequate information to help you start writing your essay, now it is time to revise the entire plan. Determine how you need to embark on answering the question by narrowing down your information into several key points. Then, write a paragraph on each keyword and each should have a specific word count.

Each paragraph should completely expound on the keyword and conclude all the information to answer the questions. Linking the paragraphs will also assist your readers to refer to other essays or other parts of your essay. Furthermore, to achieve this use words such as in conclusion, however, addition, furthermore, and more.

5. Insert Citations

You need to reference your essay by inserting citations throughout the body because it will give credit to authors of other books, journals, websites, and literature sources where you got your information from.

There are different referencing styles that you can opt to use in your essay. Similarly, use the Microsoft Word referencing tool to simplify your work. Because it formats your list of references at the end of your essay from the citations you used at the click of a tab.

6. Write the Introduction and Conclusion

It is much easier to write your introduction and conclusion once you have dealt with the essay’s main body. Because your essay’s introduction needs to clearly show the readers how you plan to answer the question and what your main points are.

Also, it is important to touch on the particular points and terms you plan to discuss in the essay. Likewise, the conclusion should be a good reminder to the readers of the main points and terms you discussed, and a sum-up of the answers you provided for the question you initially posed.

7. Check the Essay for Any Mistakes

It is always vital to proofread your essay for any mistakes or repetition that you may have done. Besides, look at your language and the style you have used to write the essay. For instance, you can opt for writing tones such as formal, impersonal style, and more.

Finally, you have to check if you have met the required word count and then fix all the extra requirements before you submit. To avoid the headache that comes from manual proofreading, you can choose to use free online proofreading tools. For instance, use essay checkers such as a Grammarly online proofreader; others include;

  • ProWritingAid.
  • AntiDote.
  • Ginger Grammar Check Tool.
  • Google Docs Grammar Checker.
  • Analyze by Academic Help.
  • Outwrite Plagiarism Checker.

If you stick to all the tips we have shared above in your essay, definitely you will have an easy time in this ever-challenging task. Thus, just plan, schedule your time and stick to the key points throughout the essay.

Any shift from the above steps is unnecessary and will only make you waste time that could be used to do other things.

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