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7 Legit Ways To Make Your Video Go Viral On YouTube

You may have experienced the excitement before uploading a tutorial, DIY, comedy show, interview, or news on your YouTube channel. But despite your great content, catchy video effects, and perfect editing, you may be disappointed to see it’s not getting enough views. 

While this predicament may lead you to either quit or change your niche, those aren’t your only options! You just need to learn the right ways of making your video go viral. 

YouTube isn’t called the world’s second-largest search engine to date for no reason. Nearly 500 hours of video gets uploaded per minute on YouTube, and there are 5 billion viewers per day. 

But it’s not easy to get noticed right away: 20% of users leave the video if it doesn’t hook them in the first 10 seconds.

The bottom line is that you need to understand the viewer’s perspective and gift your idea as a solution through videos. Learning how things go viral, sticking to your act with consistency, and targeting the real stakeholders will give you faster results.

1. Shorter Videos Attract More Viewers

You put peak efforts to make your video excellent and still garner relatively fewer views. Well, the problem may not be in your video, but its length. Sources have found that the average view duration for each YouTube video is around 50-60% of total video length. 

Clearly, it makes no sense in losing viewers at the half-way point. Instead, you can think about shaving off some unnecessary parts and keeping your videos as concise as possible.

Moreover, still, if you feel your video needs to pass on more information, it’s probably easier to break a long video into shorter videos and label them as parts. 

You can use a video editor free download website for this purpose. InVideo helps to create and edit your videos with great skill and innovation.

2. The Story Matters

Most of the best-made videos struggle to get enough views due to the lack of a good story. It’s important to note that your audience sees your video as more than a source of knowledge or entertainment. They need a solid storyline and script to connect and engage with your content.

When you make a video, keep in mind the emotions of the viewers and the message you want to pass on to them. You can share your own success story in short with multiple video and sound effects. The more genuine your story is, the more views you are sure to get.

3. Work More On Content Than On Video

A video without engaging content will be a failure. A few words, if they hit the right notes, have the potential to create a great impact on your audience. 

Do enough research on finding the right keywords for your introduction, title, meta-descriptions, subtitles, and closed captions. Even your hashtags must hit the right audience. 

Introduce yourself not just with powerful visuals but also with great content. For this, you can use an online video intro maker free of cost.

Use accurate words and phrases that describe your video and tell your viewers your story exactly the way you want. 

4. Choose A Title That Goes Viral

Your title communicates the essence of your video to your audience. You would be missing out on a lot of viewers by going either for a lengthy title or using irrelevant words. As such, some brainstorming is required to get the title just right. 

Ensure that your title speaks about your work. It can be the core strategy of your brand or maybe your vision or a mission. For example, if you are sharing a tutorial on training etiquettes, go for something like “Best Platform Skills For A Trainer.”

5. Share Video On Social Media Platforms

Initially, you need to understand that lot of efforts are required in order to attract the maximum number of viewers. It is not just about publishing your video on YouTube and then waiting to hit millions of views.

A simple strategy that can draw in a ridiculous number of views is to strategically post your video on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc. 

Ask your friends personally to share it with their followers. Tweet the video to your peers and like-minded people. By spreading the word, you stand to see a growing number of views. 

Another advantage of promoting your video on social media is that this strategy can capture the attention of prominent bloggers, who might publish an article about your work and success.  

6. Get In Touch With Your Stakeholders

The best way to make your video go viral and mark your presence on YouTube is to collaborate with people who have a large stake in your video. 

Let’s assume you are running a photography tutorial using an X Brand DSL camera. This makes the X brand your primary stakeholder, so you should try to get in touch with them. 

Your YouTube descriptions must be full of links to all the possible sponsors whose products you are using in the video. Eventually, you can also contact them and ask them to share your video. 

7. Release Videos On Initial Weekdays

If you planned on releasing your videos over the weekend, you should reconsider right away. Surprisingly, weekdays serve the best time to upload your video, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

While at work, people generally tend to look up solutions to their professional or personal questions online. Moreover, there’s a lot of competition on the weekends, since nearly everyone uploads during that time.

As a rule, though, it’s best to analyze the watch time of your viewers and schedule your uploads accordingly. You may find more consistent data once you’ve amassed a large enough audience.

Do It Because You Believe In It

Your efforts are worth it if you believe in your ideas and show them to the world in the right manner. With the above tips, you have a decent shot at making your video go viral on YouTube.

Bear in mind that short videos with compelling content shared with the right people at the right time will definitely work in your favor. 

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Lakisha Davis
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