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Advanced Winding Technology used to produce Miniature Coils

The miniature coil winding technique is used in manufacturing miniature medical devices. During the process of coil winding, the first step is to isolate the wires and then coat them using insulation. The wires need to be insulated, especially when the manufacturer is using wires that are made out of copper. Wires made from other materials are resistant to breakdown caused by high voltage. The last process is winding the wires around a pin which is responsible for producing coils that are shaped.

What does the coil winding technique involve?

The size of the wires makes up the most important aspect of the winding technique. This is especially true when manufacturing miniature medical devices. They make miniature medical devices using coils that are inserted into the patient’s veins. It requires the coils inserted in the veins inclusive of any insulation used on the coils to be 0.8mm in diameter. A manufacturer of miniature coils needs to have the specialized and technical know-how for them to design machinery used in the coil winding.

To be a leader in the miniature coil winding production, a manufacturer needs to produce the thinnest miniature coils. To achieve this, the manufacturer will have to produce coils that are over 8 microns thinner. Producing the thinnest coils will set the manufacture apart from their competition and provide them with global market reach.

What are the differences between different types of coils?

What separates the different types of coils from each other is the value of electric current that flows in them. This difference is brought about by their sizes. Another difference is the shapes that they are wound into; some can be elliptical, circular, or rectangular.

What is the technique used in producing micro coils?

The first step is acquiring the technical know-how. Upon acquiring this knowledge, the next step is to ensure that they gain advanced and unique machinery. It is also extremely crucial that the manufacturer hires specialized engineers. The manufacture of micro coils needs a specialized engineer to design in-house the machinery that will be used in the production.

As the world is quickly progressing especially in the medical field, the need for miniature micro coils will keep on rising. Manufacturers have a huge role to play by producing high quality and extremely thin micro coils. It’s up to the manufactures to be innovative, unique, and produce advanced machinery to remain ahead of the curve.

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