After Care Home Remedies for Nipple Piercing That Heals Piercing Faster

Piercing is an ancient art on the body to modify its look. Ancient Egypt was the first one to start this culture, later this was adapted by the tribal. It is widely accepted by Western Europe and America and in many Asian countries. Indian culture considers it as a status of feminism.

Today’s youth is more focused on fashion than culture. For them, body piercing is just a fashion and not any culture. The most common piercing is ear and nose piercing which is also a culture in many countries. However, recently piercing any body part is considered a fashion.

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All kinds of body piercing are attractive and appealing. Piercing is painful, but some parts of our body are made of skin that heals faster. However, what needs extra precaution and care is the nipple piercing. It is the most sensitive and delicate part of our body. If the nipples are small the pain can be extreme. Moreover, like women, men too have to take extra precautions after nipple piercing.

Today, we will discuss some important after-care tips that will be helpful for everyone who is planning for nipple piercing.

After Care of Nipple Piercing


The first 6 weeks are crucial and it is recommended by every artist to not touch that area. It is good to avoid any sexual activity during those few weeks. First few weeks, you might see blood around the pierced area which will become crusty later and might hurt for few days. Just don’t touch with dirty hands, but you can surely continue your daily work.


Always prefer soft cotton style bars and avoid any rough tight-fitting clothes for the time being. While piercing you has injured your skin, therefore it needs to breathe to heal faster.

Cleaning Process of Nipple Piercing

  • Use warm water and anti-bacterial soap or saltwater to wash piercing. (Sea salt – one-fourth tsp. of salt blended in a cup of warm water). 
  • Pat dry with a towel or let it dry itself instead of rubbing it roughly.
  • Use the saline spray mentioned above whenever you see blood crust near the pierced area. Also, apply the solution recommended by your piercer.


  • Avoid any blood-thinning substance intake like aspirin, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.
  • Don’t touch your piercing for a month, you may catch the infection. Even if you wash your hands, you may contain certain bacteria that can lead to infection.
  • Don’t twist the jewelry even if you see crust around the area. It can irritate. Don’t change jewelry for the initial month, but approach your piercer.

There may be a chance that you may see infection around the area. If you see green or yellow discharge, a bad smell from the piercing, fever, or excessive pain, then contact your piercer immediately. Take ample rest for few days for faster healing, this means avoid late-night parties and too much exertion.

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