Are there any special laws that apply to a vehicle accident in Florida?

Are you from Florida and have been into an accident recently? Doesn’t matter if the answer is yes or no; you should know the laws regarding car accidents in Florida. All Florida drivers should have a far-reaching knowledge of this present state’s car accident laws on the unfortunate occasion that you’re engaged with an accident. In case you’re a new driver or need to refresh your memory since you last had a driver schooling class, you need to know these laws in Florida. Now law and order aren’t easy to handle; you need a Tampa car accident lawyer to help you with legal work.

Florida is special with regards to car accidents. Most states utilize an at-fault insurance system. Yet, Florida is a no-fault state. First gathering PIP (Personal injury Protection) no-fault benefits should be depleted, or the other carrier will set off against the compensation package for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.

Statute Of Limitations

Statute of limitations considers a normalized policy to all the more likely serve possible casualties (or offended parties) and defendants the same. It is the time limit or deadline set by the courts in filing a claim. 

Florida car accidents follow a statute of limitations dependent on Florida Statutes Title 8, Ch. 95, Sec. 95.11. As indicated by that law, auto accidents’ legal time limit is four years for most cases. 

When filing a lawsuit, note that the cutoff begins from the day the car accident occurred. If you record a case past the deadline, anticipate that the court should excuse your case. Should there be a substantial justification for you to demand an expansion, your car accident attorney should have the option to assist you with it. 

Laws for Reporting a Florida Car Accident

Florida law requires all drivers to stop at the location of an accident to help any individual who’s harmed. If the accident causes injuries or harm over $500, it should be reported to nearby law authorization (police, sheriff, or parkway watch). 

If injuries happened, you’re needed to remain at the location of the accident. You should likewise trade data (name, address, vehicle enrollment) with all gatherings included. While not legally necessary, you should likewise record the names and contact data for any observers who saw the accident happen. Other significant information to note incorporate weather conditions and road conditions. 

Please take photographs of the damaged vehicles so you can submit them with the accident report to your insurance agency. The report should express current realities without confessing to blame for your benefit or explicitly accusing the other driver. Call the Tampa car accident lawyer to take your case over there. A professional lawyer can take care of your case in a better way.

Florida Insurance Requirements

All Florida drivers are needed to buy vehicle insurance and have evidence of insurance in their vehicle. Per Florida law, the base insurance drivers should have at least $10,000 for individual injury insurance (PIP) and $10,000 for property damage risk (PDL). PIP takes care of non-property-related costs like individual injury and lost wages.

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