Are you suitable for Bluetooth mouse

Bluetooth mouse realizes the wireless operation of the mouse, making people more comfortable and convenient. But not everyone in Britain use Bluetooth. Bluetooth mouse is not suitable for every occasion. How do you judge whether it is necessary to buy Bluetooth Mouse in UK? Today, I will show you an analysis.

First of all, the connection of Bluetooth mouse is based on the premise that your computer has Bluetooth device. Now, many computer motherboards have Bluetooth connection function. But some low-end motherboards and old desktop computers do not have Bluetooth connection function. If the computer you are using is such a computer, then you cannot connect to the Bluetooth mouse in a direct way. Then you need to buy another Bluetooth receiver. Many Bluetooth receivers may only receive audio information. If you want to buy a Bluetooth receiver, you need to know in advance whether you support the connection of Bluetooth mouse. Or it will be very troublesome to buy it back.

Desktop computer, and only a few laptops do not have Bluetooth connection function. And if you want to experience the advantages brought by wireless devices, you need to buy a Bluetooth receiver. Or you can buy a wireless mouse without Bluetooth, but you need a matching receiving device.

In short, if your computer does not have its own Bluetooth function, please keep your eyes on Bluetooth mouse purchasing. However, if your computer has Bluetooth function, then you can choose a Bluetooth mouse at will.

Bluetooth mouse has many advantages. But if you are a serious game enthusiast, in especial those who need keyboard and mouse operation. Then you need to think twice when purchasing Bluetooth mouse. Because of natural design reasons, Bluetooth mouse cannot compare with wired mouse in response speed and feedback rate. When you choose to play games with Bluetooth mouse, you will find that the operation will not be so smooth.And there will always be some delays, which will affect your game experience. If you want to experience the same feeling as a wired mouse, you can choose a Bluetooth mouse with a higher price. But at the same price, you may be able to buy a better wired mouse.

However, if you don’t use Bluetooth mouse to play large-scale games, but only for daily audio and

video entertainment and light office work, then Bluetooth mouse is enough. Moreover, the convenience of Bluetooth mouse is good choice for office workers who need to carry notebooks


Therefore, not everyone needs a Bluetooth mouse. However, Bluetooth mouse is just emerging. Its development history is short compared with wired mouse. Perhaps in the near future, Bluetooth mouse will become as fast as wired mouse. But this need the continuous development of science and technology, after overcoming or suppressing the shortcomings of Bluetooth itself. And the connection of Bluetooth will be more stable. At that time, with its own convenient advantages, it will become the choice of more people.

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