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Banned for buying coins in FIFA 20?

Every FIFA addict needs FIFA coins for different purposes. The most common use is to purchase high rated players. These kinds of players can compete against opponents as the game becomes competitive.  There are several ways to earn FIFA coins. This includes buying from trustworthy retailers or earning free coins. EA has rules when it comes to trade of coins. Henceforth, it has punishment for players who go against the rules. The effects can end up banning your FIFA account forever. How can you get safe coins? Keep reading to see alternative tips for buying FIFA coins.

Unsafe ways to get banned for buying FIFA 20 coins

  • Coin farming: this is where you earn coins illegitimate through tricks.
  • Coin distribution: sending coins from one account to another.
  • Buying coins from second or third party
  • Use EA sport to access FIFA servers, FIFA Ultimate Team, and FIFA. Besides that, use official FUT Companion Apps, FUT Web, or unmodified platforms such as PC or console to avoid going against EA rules.

How to earn FIFA 20 coins for free

Discard cards at valuable

Squad building challenges has specific requirements for gamers to earn rewards. For this reason, thousands of players look for cards to meet the requirements. This is the best time when prices have hiked to make a profit. If you have extra cards remaining in your account, you can discard them in the transfer market. Players become valuable at one point of the year. Henceforth, you should only sell them when they are valuable. This will maximize profits.

Take part in squad building challenges

EA offers squad building challenges throughout the season. You will unlock a pack after finishing one competition. Moreover, boosted player cards are unlocked after all the teams.  Check the challenge and requirements. Make sure you have a list of players who match the rules. The SBC will continue to emerge hence you have to decide the one to compete. Lastly, you should always prepare a day before the actual day challenge.

Coin boosts

After becoming an EA member, you will be awarded a bonus as you log in to the account. This includes coins, free packs, and promotions. You should keep on login every day. Use the FUT Web App to get these free bonuses.

Do not waste coins

You can be tempted to buy tempting packs like gold packs. These packs are expensive thus you will be wasting your coins. Do not buy the packs because they can be earned through squad battles, FUT champions as well as divisional rivals. However, if you need the gold pack, get the one with top-rated players.

Divisional rivals

Divisional rivals are among the best mode to acquire free coins. Play the games every week and get rewards on Mondays. 

Safe sites to buy FIFA 20 coins

Buying coins from unsafe sites can risk your account by exposing account information. You should avoid coin sellers who want to access your account in the name of selling coins. They will hack and steal items like coins and players then sell them at profit. Here are the top FIFA coins sellers:


BUYFIFACOIN.NET is the most reliable website you should consider first when you want coins. It has specialized in the field for over six years. This site sells first hard coins and offers safety transfer methods like comfort trade, player auction, and player auction P2P. These transfer modes feature 99% safety.


AOEAH is a professional and legit coin seller who helps gamers to get affordable coins. This supplier has over 4 years of experience. Moreover, it has full stock to ensure gamers receive items instantly. You can claim a for100% refund if you change your mind. Nonetheless, the order should be canceled before it is delivered. You can send queries and chat live if it is your first time to deal with AOEAH. Visit the website and look at the reviews about customers who have purchased items before.


MMOGA allows gamers to get FIFA coins for PlayStation, Xbox One, PC, android, and iOS. Delivery is done within 24 hours and it has a refund policy. The coins have never been distributed before. Therefore, you should not worry about EA consequences on the account. You can also watch popular you tubers who recommend legit sites. They can scam viewers because it can destroy their reputation.

Final thoughts

You can maximize the FIFA coin in many ways to avoid being banned. You can purchase them at legit websites that sell safe coins.  Buying coins is somewhat expensive and you do not want to spend money. Additionally, most gamers are teens who do not have employment. As a result of this, gamers search for alternative ways to get FIFA coins for free. Squad build challenges are the most reliable method to accumulate extra coins. However, it is maybe time-consuming seeing that you can lack time to compete over 30 games for three days. An alternative way is to buy and resell players at peak times. 

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