Benefits of Audio and Video Transcription

These days, audio and video formats have become the preferred means of exchanging and consuming content. After all, not only is it a lot more engaging than reading through written text. But it is also a much more convenient approach to the distribution of information. Whether you’re a marketing expert or a journalist, these mediums can aid you in boosting your workflow productivity and efficiency.

However, to benefit from the above-mentioned mediums, they must be paired with excellent audio and video transcription solutions. We’ll discuss in this article how transcribing audio to text or video to text can benefit your endeavor.

1. Connect with a wider audience

One of the most notable benefits of video and audio transcriptions is that it allows you to connect with a wider audience. By transcribing the content for your viewers, you will allow those with hearing disabilities to understand the information that you’re trying to impart. And because of the large number of people who suffer from hearing problems, you’ll be able to attract and engage a lot more people than you would have without it.

However, the audience that you’re likely to reel in goes beyond those who have a hearing impairment. You’ll also give yourself a chance to reach out to those from other geographic areas by translating the content into languages they can understand. And in turn, increase your viewer count.

2. Ease in finding specific info

It can be tedious to skim through an audio or video file to try and find specific information, especially if they’re long. However, with the use of a transcribing solution, this becomes a non-issue because it will allow users to get what they need without spending a lot of time doing so. It may not sound like a big deal, but it can make a difference.

3. Protects your business

Apart from helping you connect with more viewers and find pieces of information quicker, transcribing both video and audio files alike can also allow you to protect your business legally and make it more compliant with any industry rules and regulations. For example, if one of your clients claims that you have made any verbal agreements that you never did, you can easily pull up the transcription and prove them otherwise.

4. It is cost-effective

Contrary to popular belief, transcription is neither an expensive nor time-consuming task. In reality, it is cost-effective. With an automated transcription solution, the process can be painless and quick, making it a small investment that can yield considerably high returns. Best of all, you won’t have to risk data breaches by outsourcing the task to another company since you can keep it in-house.

It’s not surprising that transcription has become commonplace these days. It offers several benefits, from accessibility to documentation, after all. So if you’re still not having your content transcribed, be sure that you do. It can go a long way in turning your ventures – be it content creation or journalism – into successes.

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