Benefits of using Natural Pest Control Methods for Agricultural Crop Fields

A huge chunk of farmers still rely on chemicals and other synthesized ways to control pests. Such chemicals aren’t just harmful to human health; they also have catastrophic effects on the environment. Yet, there are numerous natural pest control methods that are equally effective!

  • Pesticides are harmful in many ways; they contain chemicals that affect beneficial insects like honey bees.  Their adverse effects can also be seen on the environment as they’ve been known to affect pollination (they make the pollen to become sterile).
  • Some of these pesticides are also harmful to humans and are known to cause numerous disorders such as cancer, headaches, vomiting and may even result in suppression of the immune system.

Pests tend to become resistant to these chemicals after prolonged use. As such, farmers have to look for alternative pest control methods. The beauty of natural pest control methods is that, apart from helping control the pests, they also help one produce healthier/organic foods.

There is not a single method of pest control that can successfully eradicate all the pests. But the fact that natural methods are safer and less damaging; every farmer should try and adopt these farmer-friendly practices.

Here let’s look at the benefits of using natural pest control methods:

Harmful pesticides get absorbed into the environment and result in many negative environmental issues. The chemicals affect the soil, water supply and air we breathe. These chemicals also discourage smart farming practices and can cause environmental problems like soil erosion.

Natural methods build healthy soil

Healthy soil is essential in growing of healthy food. Treating soil with harmful pesticides and chemicals will destroy the soil to the point that it cannot thrive on its own. The most effective way to manage soil is to use natural practices.

Helps water conservation and water health

Water is  very essential in the lives of human beings and other forms of life. Threats of the diminishing water supplies and poor water health are concerning. Natural pest control methods help keep the water supplies clean and conserve water.

Combatting erosion

The use of natural pest control methods goes a long way in ensuring that the soil stays healthy. Erosion results in serious issues in the soil and is a huge concern as it affects the food supply to humans.

Discouraging Algal Blooms

Algal has adverse effects on marine animals and peoples health. Their existence negatively affects tourism and recreation in the long run affecting the economy. The major cause of algal blooms is the runoff from the petroleum-based fertilizers that are used in farming.

Encourages Biodiversity

The fact that you are using natural methods to tackle the pests adds to the fact that the farm is more diverse hence more stable. Biodiversity plays an important role in testing the resilience of a farm. It is extremely helpful as reduced biodiversity may directly correlate with the emergence of an infectious disease.

Supporting animal health

Chemicals and pesticides are usually harmful to some insects, birds, fish and other things affected when their natural habitat is destroyed. Natural pest control by Empire Pest Control ensures natural habitats are preserved and beneficial animals are exposed to a chemical-free environment.

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