Best Makeup Tips for Flawless Looking Skin

If you are unhappy with your skin then there are few things that you can do to give yourself a more flawless skin look. Of course, regular moisturising and cleansing should happen, but besides for this very basic step, you can achieve a flawless skin look by following these very helpful tips. You do not need to be a runway model or makeup artist to achieve this.

Start With A Clear Canvas

The first and most important step to any face makeup is to make sure that your skin is clean. It sounds like a silly thing to even mention but let’s look into it. This does not mean clean from any previous makeup. It means clean. Your body produces natural oil the entire time, even on your face. It is therefor important to start with a nice face wash to clean your face of all oils.

If you do not face wash, you can simply use a wet wipe on your face to do the same. Believe it or not, but this was probably the most important step of them all. Next you will want to apply a primer cream to your face. Place primer on your finger and rub it into your entire face. Cover every bit of your face. Be careful not to press too hard when doing anything on your face as it can actually cause bruising.

Blend, Blend, Blend

When you apply your foundation, be sure to get a foundation that matches your skin tone. This step is not so much difficult as what it is tricky. As you age, your skin ages. When skin ages, it can change in colour. Therefor the foundation colour you used in your 20s won’t necessarily be the same as the colour you use in your 30s. Besides for that skin change, your skin can also change in colour from season to season.

To get the best coverage on your skin you should use what is called a beauty blender. This is a foam, egg shaped tool. Make sure it is a little damp as to not to absorb too much product into the egg. Put a small dab of foundation on the beauty blender and lightly dab it on the face. Rather use small foundation blobs at a time instead of covering your face in layers.

Do not drag the beauty blender across your face to almost paint on the foundation. This can get streaky and give you a war paint look instead of flawless skin. Lightly dab your entire face as well as covering over your ears and down your neck. Blending the neck by dabbing it with less foundation into your natural skin tone. You will now have even coverage that looks as slick as the design of

Soft Gentle Motions

When applying the rest of your makeup remember to always work with gentle and soft motions on your skin. It is after all your face you are working with. There is no need to give yourself bruises in an attempt to hide the blemishes that you already have.

Final tip when applying makeup. Always go in light. You can always make it darker bit by bit. If you start off too dark, you stand the chance of having to take everything off and start again.

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