Better Vision Guide: 8 Myths About Laser Eye Correction

Previously, glasses were the only option to improve vision. But choosing the right glasses was problematic. Lenses also make it possible to improve vision, but this was only the elimination of the consequences and not the treatment of the cause. Now experts are relying on laser vision correction (LASIK) treatments for restoring vision.

Modern laser vision correction has gone far from the first experimental methods. And now this procedure gets performed on more than six million people around the world every year. But in the minds of people who do not understand this issue, there are many myths. In this article, we will highlight some major myths regarding laser vision correction that are absurd.

Most Common LASIK Myths 

Here are some myths about laser vision correction method that you need to debunk.

1.   Vision May Deteriorate After Surgery

On the Internet, you can read the news, which says that after laser vision correction, the patient’s eyesight deteriorated. In fact, these are special cases, which account for less than one percent of all laser correction operations. For comparison let’s take dental implantation. The risk of implant rejection is about two percent.

And this procedure, no offense to dentists, requires less precision and accuracy. Note that these statistics (less than one percent) include only cases when patients do not inform doctors about contraindications. If there are no contraindications, then the risk of complications gets practically excluded.

2.   You Cannot Drink Alcohol After LASIK

Many people think that it is forbidden to drink alcohol after the laser treatment. But this is not completely true. You can enjoy a glass of wine but be mindful of the quantity you’re going to consume. A moderate amount won’t do any harm.

Therefore, if you have to attend a party after laser vision correction, do not worry, you can toss a glass. However, those who are addicted to alcohol and cannot keep a check on the quantity consumed should definitely stay away from it. Otherwise, they may face dried eyes due to excessive dehydration.

Such people should first get alcoholism treatment then opt for laser treatment. Besides, taking such treatments is much easier now as many healthcare providers facilitate with insurance plan for addiction treatment to those in need. You can also opt for such plans.

3.   After The Operation, You Can Go Blind

If we are talking about modern laser vision correction, then debunk this myth. Why did this myth arise? People think that one wrong move and the laser will burn through their retina or pupil. And leave the patient in complete darkness. But industrial lasers and those used in ophthalmology are different things. Lasers for vision correction have an accuracy of several hundred microns.

Modern lasers are even more accurate. With such accuracy of modern equipment and special computer programs, the risk of blindness due to laser vision correction is practically zero.

4.   After The Correction, You Cannot Go In For Sports 

This is partially true, but only for the period of complete rehabilitation, which takes several days. At this time, it is better not to engage in power sports and generally not to overexert yourself. It is also better to exclude high-temperature exposure and too humid environment, for example, swimming or bathing.

In addition, it is worth postponing airplane flights, climbing mountains, and other activities where there is an increase or decrease in pressure. But this is only for 3-5 days, no more. Then you can return to your usual life and engage in any kind of sports.

5.   After A Few Years, The Effect Will Disappear 

The effect may disappear with radial keratotomy, which is now a thing of the past. On modern equipment and under the supervision of experienced specialists, then the results sustain for life. Note that, after the age of 18 or 20, there is no progression. The cornea cannot change during life without external influence.

6.    It Takes A Very Long Time And It Hurts 

It is another myth that came from the earliest methods of operative vision restoration. For clarity, let’s take the modern LASIK method used in modern clinics. The whole procedure takes only 10-15 minutes. In this case, the laser action takes a few seconds.

There are no hours of waiting while lying still and no lengthy rehabilitation. Within three hours after the operation, you will have almost one hundred percent vision. Pain is also a myth. First, there will be no eye pricks. Eye drops are now used for anesthesia. Secondly, there are no sensations during laser correction. You are unlikely to feel even discomfort, let alone pain.  

7.   Technologies Have Not Been Tested Yet 

The first developments in the field of laser vision correction began in the mid-70s. The LASIK method is more than 30 years old, and every year it is getting better. All thanks to the creation of more modern equipment, as well as the accumulation of experience by doctors.

Every decade, new methods of laser vision correction appear and they are becoming more effective and safer. Laser vision correction has already been tested on tens of millions of people and is successfully used all over the world.

8. Doctors Themselves Do Not Undergo The Procedure 

It is not clear where this myth came from, but, most likely, we are talking about elderly doctors. They have contraindications for laser correction or are much older than 45 years old. At that age, there are already changes in the visual system and age-related presbyopia develops.

 Moreover, many young ophthalmologists do not wear glasses or contact lenses. They, like their patients, prefer to undergo laser vision correction.


You should not believe the myths about laser vision correction. These misconceptions have been going on since the first attempts at surgical correction with a scalpel. Moreover, these myths have nothing to do with modern high-precision methods. If you carry out laser vision correction in a high-level clinic, then you can restore vision even with very poor eyesight.

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