Between Galaxy Buds and Airpods: Which will give you the best wireless earbuds experience?

In this modern-day and age, gadgets have evolved into becoming essential parts of our lives. For this reason, choosing not just your phone but also its accessories is necessary. Your choice dictates your specialized experience, which might affect the way you go about your daily routine–school, work, even at home.  

One dilemma that we face with purchasing a gadget or an accessory is comparing two equally competitive brands. Brands that can meet our day to day requirements; below is a side by side comparison of these competing products’ performance to ensure that you spend your money efficiently!

Overview of Galaxy Buds and Airpods

Competing under the category of wireless earbuds is Samsung’s Galaxy Buds vs AirPods from Apple. Two of the favorably competing brands have different features that fit one’s unique taste and lifestyle. Which one will win the battle of the best earbuds experience?

In 2016, Apple released its first wireless earbuds named AirPods, which instantly became a hit in the tech industry. Three years later, Samsung released its version of wireless earbuds. Introduced as Galaxy Buds, it gained massive attention from the market and quickly rose to prominence to challenge Airpods.

Galaxy buds boast of giving its users a quality listening experience with its AKG function. It also has an Ambient Aware feature that allows you to control how much background noise you can hear while using it. Its battery life can sustain listening to music or calling for over 7 hours, with a 15-minute fast-charging feature that can extend your device’s life for an hour.

Airpods, on the other hand, promises a convenient, all-day use with its wireless charging case. In just one charge, you can enjoy five hours of listening to your favorite songs and three hours of talk time. Its 15-minute fast charging feature extends 3 hours of your devices’ battery life. At the same time, its H1 Apple Headphone chip allows for a high-quality wireless listening experience.


Price is one of the most important factors to consider in purchasing the products. The Apple Airpods is on a higher price point at $199. However, users can opt for a cheaper wireless charging case. The charging case is $79, and replacement buds cost $69 each. Its competition, Galaxy buds, is relatively less expensive, costing $129.99.

Both of them come with a magnetic charging case when purchased, which allows for wireless and hassle-free charging. More so, there are no significant differences with the quality and feature offered by both the brands. For this reason, the best option is to go with the Galaxy Buds.

Aesthetic and Comfort

Gadgets serve more than their practical functions; it can also be used to complete a look. Hence, in purchasing a device, aesthetics is a factor to consider. Galaxy buds and Airpods are almost the same in their theme, following the sleek and minimalist aesthetic. The dimension and the materials used are the same as well.

 Airpods’ fit and open design helps users be aware of their surroundings–so you can still listen to music while being completely aware of car honks. It is also known for being light-weight, which is perfect for long-term wear. Generally, it stays on during physical activities; however, its long tips makes it prone to falling.

On the other hand, Galaxy buds have a more snug fit in comparison to Airpods. Its tight design cancels out background noises, which is ideal if you wanted to isolate yourself while watching your favorite movie. Compared to Airpods, which only offer white-colored earbuds, Samsung’s counterpart comes in White, yellow, and black.

When it comes to their cases, AirPods’ is relatively smaller than that of galaxy buds.’ It comes in white color with the signature apple logo on it, but it can be dressed up with a stylish outer case for different aesthetic and protection. Galaxy buds’ case, on the other hand, uses a broader design. Since both the earbuds are almost the same, either of the two is a right choice.

Charging and Battery life

Airpods feature a battery performance that can last up to five hours. With only 15 minutes of charging, it can extend up to three hours of your device’s battery life. Galaxy buds, on the other hand, can be used for up to seven hours. However, its charging case can only extend up to an hour of your device’s battery life. 

Even when Galaxy buds can be used for 7 hours, its fast-charging capacity is inferior to Airpods’. With Airpods, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows, listening to your favorite track, and calling with your friends over the phone without the fear of your earbuds running out of battery life, as you can charge it even without access to an outlet. 

Sound Quality

Since allowing you to listen to sounds from your phone is the primary function of earbuds, sound quality is probably the most important factor in deciding which of the two options is worth buying. Both devices have good sound quality. Therefore, the way we judge this category determines how the user intends to use their devices.

Airpods boast an adequate sound quality. But it is important to note that the sound it emits is comparatively thinner and weaker compared to Galaxy bud; this is attributable to its open design. The Apple H1 Chip feature of Airpods is ideal in isolating voice calls, which allows for a clearer quality of call between the caller and the receiver of the call.

Cross-Platform Integration

Cross-platform integration is an essential factor to consider when buying earbuds because it can limit the device’s functionality. Airpods and Galaxy buds can be used across various platforms. You can use AirPods on android devices and vice versa. However, note that when using this function, some features may not be accessible.

Airpods can be used in android devices by enabling Bluetooth; the same way Galaxy buds are connected in Apple devices. However, products limited to Apple cannot be accessed like Siri, Double-tap functionality, battery-checking, and Ear detection. Features of Galaxy buds like Automatic Sync and Ambient aware mode are also inaccessible to Apple devices.

Take away

Both AirPods and Galaxy buds are top-notch quality when talking about wireless buds. There are marginal differences in terms of their features and even their design, which means purchasing either one is a good investment. Therefore, the way to judge which is better is to assess your budget and what activities you would use the devices for.

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