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Common Causes of Photophobia and How to Prevent Them

Different people respond differently to light. For some, there’s nothing better than spending a day out on the beach, even without sunglasses, to give just one example. For others, there could be nothing worse than the headaches that come from being exposed to bright light.

The inability to tolerate light, known medically as photophobia, is not actually a disease or disorder in and of itself. It’s more often a symptom of another underlying problem. Read on to find out more about the causes of photophobia and how to prevent it.

Glare from Artificial Light

Many consumers get headaches when they spend time beneath fluorescent and other artificial lights, even if they don’t have any other underlying conditions. The problem tends to get worse with bright light and those with light-colored eyes are more likely to be sensitive to it, especially when it comes to artificial light. There are products available for preventing light sensitivity headaches resulting from fluorescent light exposure. Purchase light filters from a reputable vendor to reduce glare and eliminate problems with photophobia.

Migraine Headaches

When it comes to sensitivity to natural light, migraines are the primary cause of photophobia. Around 80% of those who struggle with migraines experience this symptom, and some are still light sensitive even when they aren’t getting headaches. Other types of headache disorders can also cause photophobia.

Other Brain Conditions

There are several other brain conditions that can cause photophobia. They include brain injuries, meningitis, supranuclear palsy, and tumors in the pituitary gland. In addition to treating these underlying conditions, those suffering from neurologically induced photophobia can also purchase specialized sunglasses that block certain types of light.

Eye Diseases

Many eye diseases can cause light sensitivity. This unpleasant symptom is relatively common in people with dry eye, uveitis, keratitis, iritis, cataracts, corneal abrasions, conjunctivitis, and retinal sensitivities. Some people also report experiencing photophobia after having LASIK surgery.

The Bottom Line Photophobia is an extremely inconvenient symptom of many underlying health conditions. Light sensitivity can also be caused by certain types of lighting fixtures, even in those who don’t otherwise experience photophobia. There are no cures, but consumers can buy products designed to block certain wavelengths of light to preve

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