Competition without Competitiveness

“Withdraw from competition without competitiveness”, tourism industry and netizens praise Lin Jialong to tell the truth

Faced with the continued global epidemic and the fear of collapse of travel agencies, Minister of Transportation Lin Jialong said on the 7th when he sold the North City double-decker sightseeing bus, the market could be consolidated and reshuffled after the epidemic.

Unexpectedly, this remark caused controversy, and political commentator Li Zhenghao even angered Lin Jialong to stop speaking. However, the tourism industry has long realized that it should take this opportunity to increase the energy of its hardware and software and improve its competitiveness; or for countries that have lifted border control over Taiwan, the government should respond immediately to give immigrants a chance to find a way out.

Despite Li Zhenghao’s rage, the Ministry of Communications, as the tourism authority, is just trying to bail out and help the travel industry to overcome the difficulties. How can speaking at this time help things? However, many netizens believe that the minister told the truth and left messages “I think the minister is right! The tourism and tourism industry has kidnapped the people and the blue-green government for too many times. I have to bail out and subsidize.

The taxes I pay This is not the case.”, “The minister’s words are cruel but very real”, “I actually agree with the minister’s statement! After all, this market is a better surviving physique. Instead, it has been asking the government to bail out overweight enterprises. There is a problem”

As there are up to 3,900 travel agencies and 12,641 hotel operators in China, the quality varies, and the travel industry knows it. Gao Tongtu, an assistant professor at Datong Institute of Technology, said that this opportunity could have been used to reshuffle and eliminate the tourism market. As a result, the government wasted this opportunity. Only those who can survive in such a difficult environment will have more There is meaning and value, but the government is using ballot thinking as a bailout, which is completely wrong.

Wu Zhaohui, founder of Feiya Travel Agency, said that everyone is fair in the epidemic, and the worst opportunity is also the best opportunity. It is time to improve their hardware and software energy and improve competitiveness. Taiwan people spend 800 billion a year when they go abroad. One hundred and eighty billion is left to spend in Taiwan, which is a big deal for China Travel. The competitors in the tourism market are all over the world. The tourism industry should take advantage of the current efforts to give tourists reasons to stay in Taiwan for sightseeing.

Xu Gaoqing, the chairman of the International Tourism and Rescue Association, believes that instead of using taxpayers’ taxes to continuously bail out the industry, it is better to take advantage of the countries’ goodwill towards Taiwan and intend to open up the border.

Taiwan also gives equal opening to allow entry and exit operators to find themselves independent. Opportunity to survive, not to keep the country locked.

Xu Gaoqing added that the direction that Taiwan now has to take is asymptotic. It can be actively deployed in both directions and one way. It is not just waiting for other countries to open up.

At the same time, when other countries move, the government should respond immediately; he said, believe that Taiwan’s epidemic prevention There is no problem with experience and ability, rapid quarantine ability.

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