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How to edit or compress PDF online, for free. Top 5 PDF editing tools

Now if you want to know how you can edit pdf files, compress them, and change them, then this is the perfect post for you. In this four-minute essay, we are going to tell you all about the best tools and apps that can help you in the editing of pdf files. If you search the web for the best pdf editing tools, then there is a possibility that you can get more than hundreds of free and paid programs as a result. Now picking one tool at random is not at all a wise decision and if you don’t know how to select the best tool online for pdf editing then don’t worry, we have completed our research and have listed the best pdf editing tools available on the web in 2020.

Top five pdf editing tools that one should have in pocket!

Here are the best tools for creating pdf files that you should simply know about, read about every tool in this list in detail so that you can select the best one for permanent use in the future!

Compress PDF with Duplichecker

The pdf compressor by Duplichecker is also one of the best and free utilities that you can find on the web. This online tool is famous for compressing pdf files and reducing their size, and that is why it is known as a compress pdf tool. This link can take you directly to the tool where you can compress pdf files online. Now Reducing pdf size without simply affecting its quality is very difficult and you can’t do it if you don’t have this tool. This compress pdf tool can quickly convert pdf smaller in size by keeping intact the format and the style of the original file.

Pdf element 

The pdf element is the first online tool cum application in our essay that you should know about in detail. This is very easy to use tool that can help you create new pdf files, edit old pdf files, convert pdf files, compressing pdf files and also in signing pdf docs. You should know that you can use this online editing application on windows as well as on Mac platforms and that for free too. Now although this is a free pdf tool, you should know that it exists in three different formats PDF element Standard, Pro and Business. The standard version is free with some basic services, and the other two versions of the tool are paid but have premium features for treating pdf!

Adobe Acrobat pro

Now, this is another online pdf tool that one should know about in somewhat detail. Adobe is the eldest tool that is related to pdf as it was initially the only tool that could read pdf files and open them. Now this online tool cum application can be used on different devices as it is compatible with all operating systems. You can use this pdf tool to convert pdf files to different MS formats and not only this but this tool can also help you in the free making of a new pdf file, editing an old one, organizing pdf files, combining pdf files, locking pdf files, merging pdf files, splitting pdf files, compressing pdf files and many more other aspects like annotation and signatures!

Phantom PDF 

This is yet another online tool that can help you edit pdf files for free. The phantom pdf tool has the most professional editing features and functions that can be used by anyone who wishes to treat his/her pdf files. You can change the layout of the pdf file with this tool, and you can rearrange textbooks, you can resize pdf files, you can compress pdf, you can add stamps, footers, headers, page and bate numbers in pdf files. This is the best pdf tool for manipulation of every kind! You should know that you can also unlock and split a pdf file with this phantom pdf file!

Nitro Pro 

Now, this is also a very user-friendly tool that can help you in high-speed editing and also in high-quality OCR extractions. This pdf pro tool is also available in three versions, you can install any of the three versions on your device and can start editing pdf. Now, this platform helps you in not only converting pdf files, but you can also help yourself in compressing pdf, designing new pdf files, signing docs, merging two or more than two docs and also in storing pdf files.

Now, these are all the top best tools that are available on the web for you guys, feel free to use them and select the best one for you. All of them have a rich set and intuitive features!

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