Could Clever DeFi Be The Revelation We Have All Been Waiting For?

The cryptocurrency sector has been marred with creations of tokens that serve only to benefit the creator and trick everyone else into giving up their hard-earned money.

Enter Bryan Legend and his vision to create a decentralized cryptocurrency token that can benefit token owners and investors instead of the ‘few’.

Is Clever DeFi the crypto we need and the shift the industry needs to bring more people in?

CLVA Token, Explained

Clever token (CLVA) is a crypto representation of Clever DeFi, a one of a kind protocol by Bryan Legend.

To understand the difference between standard cryptocurrencies and Clever one must have a working knowledge of how cryptocurrency investing works.

Token creators usually hold a large share of the pool come launch time. They then generate hype and promises in order to attract individuals who will then invest in it. After inflating the price the creator and his or her team will then ‘dump’, or flood the market with the token, thus bringing down its value. Eventually, shareholders will sell them at a loss and the value drops to zero.

Clever DeFi seeks to change all this by having a 0 supply come minting time, emphasizing the term ‘decentralized’ and empowering the token holders and public of how the value of the cryptocurrency unfolds.

Aside from this investors won’t have to deal with lock-up periods, discrimination, staking terms and contracts.

Bryan Legend is known within cryptocurrency sectors as an expert in his field. He has spent 8 years understanding the mechanism and coming up with ways on how he could break up the traditional approach and give more power to the majority and not just the few. To this end Clever was created to show people they could invest their money towards a vehicle that has greater profit potential instead of letting it sit in a bank.

CLVA Token and Guaranteed Interest

The protocol that make up Clever DeFi is special. It automatically distributes interest to token owners within a 14-day cycle. The protocol was created to stay for 888 cycles which lasts 34 years and gives holders a return of investment percentage of 80.6 over the course of 10 years.

Clever Defi isn’t your typical cryptocurrency. It breaks the mold by disrupting outdated banking systems that provide little to no return of investment when you store your wealth there.

Clever tokens are somewhat an investment vehicle for people who want to store their wealth in a secure environment. It’s attractive to investors because of a high yield interest rate. Furthermore, the heart of Clever Defi is what’s called a ‘guaranteed compound interest payments’.

Buying CLVA tokens can turn to making easy money with minimal risk, something that’s generally unheard of in the trading industry. Backed by Blockchain and the expertise of Bryan Legend, the innovative cryptocurrency and protocol is poised to disrupt the balance of risk and gain.

Bryan Legend invites everyone to take a look at Clever DeFi and how it can offer guaranteed interest with minimal risk. It’s an exciting new investment platform made with an innovative infrastructure.

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