Crystals That Help To Boost Your Business

Since the dawn of time, mankind has scratched in the soil of the Earth in search of pretty rocks that could help them with their lives. Crystals have been used by all peoples, all over the world for various metaphysical reasons. Personal growth, self or other love, breaking of bad habits, protection. The list is incredibly long. For many years the believe in these crystal properties fell out of mainstream.

But crystals are back and have picked up in popularity. At first simply as decorative ornaments in and around the home. Soon after your neighbour could be seen with a crystal pendant or ring. Now crystals have worked their way up the corporate ladder and can be found in big companies. As décor on floors and desks, but even inside of cash registers. What do these crystals bring to your business?

Productivity And Focus

Productivity and Focus are probably two of the most important things that any business owner can expect to expect from their employees. The reality is that the day can get long and when focus starts to stray so does productivity. Besides for long working hours, we also have to take into account the millions of distractions on the phones of those that work for us.

A great crystal to use to help your workers is black tourmaline. A little piece on their desks and you are set to go. The energy of tourmaline is said to calm the frantic energies around and also shields from negative energies. Besides for these two very needed things it is also a deflector of radio magnetic energy. One on the desk is sure to create a calmer environment where your co-workers incessant telephone talk wont bother you.

It’s All About The Money

Every business needs money. Money makes the world go round and whether we like it or not, we need it to go about our daily lives. If you need to make money or just more of it then one of the stones that you can get around the work place is a Citrine. This quartz stone is said to attract money. Many shop owners even put it in their cash registry. But you don’t need to own a business to have one. Pop a small one in your wallet.

When times are tough financially, you should get yourself some Pyrite in the office. Just like Citrine, Pyrite attracts money, but with the added bonus of creating a stable and calm working environment. Pyrite is so effective in attracting the loot that it was given the name fools gold over the years. That which looks like gold must surely then attract gold.

A Feel Good Environment

A happy employee that wants to be at work is an employee that is of most value to any company, just like the feeling you get when you enjoy real money play games. As you can imagine, they are few and far between.

You can help your employees by feeling better at work by placing a combination of Rose and Smokey Quartz around the office. The idea is that the Smokey Quartz will rid the office of bad vibes while the Rose Quartz infuses it with peace and harmony.

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