Dan Lok’s SEO Copywriting Tips for Beginners

In order to make your content better and reach among the top of Google ranking pages, then there are certain things where people need to follow. Yes, SEO will always play a vital role in terms of bringing more traffic to your blog. So, whenever people are looking forward to making their contents better and reach among the top, then SEO is the essential thing where people need to follow and utilize it better. Some of the tips discussed below are shared by Dan Lok will also help you to make your page to get high rankings at any time.

Follow focus keyword

Whenever you are going to handle the content, make sure to follow the keywords. Basically, the keywords have come under primary as well as secondary. However, the focus keyword is always playing a crucial role and support as an SEO technique to reach maximum. So, people who all are looking forward to making their contents good and reach high, then without going for a second thought, then follow focus keyword. While handling your content itself, you should follow the focus keyword and move ahead.

Utilization of images

Apart from just writing your content, it is also essential for people to focus on the images and use them accordingly. If this thing is managed to follow, then you will be going to witness a better outcome. But make sure to pick the good images which shouldn’t contain watermarks. If there is a watermark, then make sure to crop the image and upload it to your content. While uploading, alt text adding is always necessary.


This could be one of the essential things where people need to follow while writing themselves. Yes, if the Flesch reading contains more than 60%, then your content is already easy to understand at any time by anybody. So, people who all are looking forward to making their content readable, then keep in mind that your content should have short sentences and paragraphs. If these things are managed to follow while creating content, then your content will get a good readability score.

Use keywords in titles

If you want to reach your content among the high-ranking contents in Google, then utilization of keywords in headings will always be supportive. It is also said to be one of the best strategies to reach your content among top-ranking pages. So, whenever you are going to write content, adding keywords inside content and in the subheadings will always be supportive at any time for sure.

Bottom line 

In the end, for people who would like to follow SEO copywriting tips, then without going for a second thought, one can check out the above-discussed tips. Yes, these tips are helpful in terms of bringing your content among the high ranking pages. And, this is what people are looking for it. Apart from discussed tips, focusing on meta description will always be supportive to grab the attention of people in a quick time and bring organic views to your page.

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