Decking Options: How To Make The Best Deck

If you are an outdoor person and love to be close to nature, then most probably you have a taste for boating and yachts. At least going fishing on the weekends is on the holiday bucket list for many. Suppose you are not a water child then what about spending the evening with a cup of coffee and the favourite adventure book on the deck. Now when it comes to luxury and comfort, then the decks need to be perfect. So, here in this article, we will be discussing some wood choices and making process for the best deck. So, please scroll below.

What is a Deck?

The deck is mainly a floor to give support. But mostly these support outdoor structures like boats or wood houses. There are several types of decking based on the materials like ipe decking, wood decking, chemically treated material decking, and artificial fibreglass decking. The wood decking is the most popular since ages for decking. Before, the natural growth forests used to supply the decking materials like Atlantic white cedarwood, Western red cedar, redwood, and such. The hardwood is more sustainable and rough usable. Teak, Mahogany, and Ipe are the most widely used hardwoods and most suitable for outdoor settings. Nowadays, the wood-plastic composites, lumber composite, polystyrene, PET plastic, high-density polyethene, and aluminum composites broadly used as artificial decking materials.

The hardwood usually comes from the tropical forest. The number of redwood and such other trees are decreasing gradually every year due to deforestation to make more decks and furniture. So, nowadays, the artificial composites and the pressure treated wood composites are the best choices for a deck or patio.

Making of a Classic Deck

When we talk about classic decks, the first element that comes to mind is the African Redwoods. They are known for the classic finish, colour, texture, and durability. But before making a redwood deck make sure the slope of the deck does not sink under the water always. You have to design an efficient water drainage system for the deck. Also keeping a sub-deck is very useful. It will allow cross-ventilation that keeps the structure healthy and makes the woods more long-lasting. So, it’s better to keep at least twelve inches of space beneath the decking. Pre-drill the holes for setting the cardboard before adding to the ship or the structure.

During construction, do not leave the wood decking parts on the ground. Better to keep them on a concrete or brick floor. The moisture from the soil can reduce strength. Also, cover them with a ply-wood sheet from above. Never use a plastic wrap to cover the decking. Cutting the decking woods is an essential matter. If the corners are not perfect, it won’t fit properly. Leaking and dripping from a deck is the worst thing you can expect. So, use a standard premium carbide saw blade for cutting. Remember the fecks are going to shrink. Though it depends on the temperature and the climate, the average is one-eighth of a four inches deck and one-fourth of an eight-inch deck. So, cut according to the measurement.

Final verdict

Use sealants very carefully on the ends. Otherwise, the extra portion will drip and make the joints messy. Wipe it off with sandpaper or other equipment and give it a finish. Once in a year finishing will keep the aesthetic red wine colour of your deck. Otherwise, you will get a rusty silver colour which is equally attractive.  Now you are ready to enjoy a vacation on your majestic deck watching the sunrise or the sunset.

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