Facilities to look for while looking for accommodation

Looking for accommodation, especially when in a new city is not a piece of cake. When youngsters, be they students or freshers, move to a new place, they are bubbling with excitement to step into adulthood. The primary objective is to find accommodation that fits their requirement and their wallets. Before you go home-hunting, here are some facilities to look out for while looking for an accommodation.

Safety & security: The most important parameter to check off from your home hunting list is safety & security. A non-negotiable parameter, this is the first thing you look for before finalizing the space. Check its reviews online, do a sweep of the neighbourhood, talk to people (whom you know) who live around and see its connectivity to the main road. You should also do an intensive check on the security parameters of your potential home. Is there a 24/7 security? Are the premises easy to enter for non-residents? Have there been any incidents in the recent past? A thorough check of the place is what you need to ensure that your to-be home is a safe haven.

Hygiene & Sanitation: Hygiene and sanitation, especially in the times of COVID is THE most important aspect of healthy housing. If you are living in shared accommodation, ask the authorities about the amenities and sanitation practices undertaken every day. You can also talk to other residents and get their insights into the cleanliness of the space. Keeping in mind the COVID infection, you should ensure that your place has a mandatory temperature check and no relevant symptoms. Managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living have a dedicated housekeeping staff which cleans the premises regularly, sanitizes frequently and along with the residents, undergoes regular symptoms checks. You should also ensure that your accommodation has the provision of social distancing.

Clean & Healthy meals: Healthy and clean nutrition is not a luxury but a necessity that you must check for before moving into an accommodation facility. Since unhygienic cooking practices can render you unhealthy, it is important that you check the kitchen and the cooking measures taken by the staff to ensure that the food made for you is healthy and nutritious. This is yet another non-negotiable deal.

Location: Living in big cities, commute is a prevalent problem among youngsters. If you are a student, your ideal location should be somewhere near the institute so that even if you oversleep, you can still make it to your class on time. Similarly, those who are new to the city, having an accommodation near tech parks is really helpful in cutting down the travel time so that you don’t punch in late. Having said that, since these locations are always in demand, apartment rents are often beyond the budget of a student or fresher. There are options of renting paying guest accommodations as well. However, PGs in Hyderabad, Bangalore or any other city for that matter can be pretty basic which often ends up with young residents compromising on quality.

Community activities

Community activities are the pulse of a young population in shared living and every youngster is always looking for some sort of fun activity at home after a long day. You too can be that resident and should pencil in this parameter before finalizing on a space for yourself. In such cases, managed accommodation providers fit the bill perfectly. With daily community engagement programs, meet-ups and a lot more, these spaces are ideal for a thriving young community looking for some vibrancy in their daily lives.

These are just some of the important amenities that you should factor in when you hunt for a place to stay. Managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living have given a new flavour to rental living in the big city, creating high quality, wholesome spaces centered around consumer needs. Its recommended to check these spaces and see if they cover your lifestyle needs. 

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