FamiSafe App: the ultimate parental control app for your kids

With immeasurable folks home straight away over COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing across the planet, keeping your youngsters safe on-line has ne’er been a lot of vital — and that is wherever FamiSafe steps in.

FamiSafe and its Parental management App offers you the last word to keep your kids safe on-line, accessible on each iOS and golem. The FamiSafe Parent management App options as well as kids’ location trailing, screen time app limiting, web site filtering, game & pornography interference, suspicious photos detection and suspicious text detection on social media app like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and a lot of.

As a parent, you can’t be behind your kid looking each language they need with somebody on-line, each web site they visit, that videos they are looking, what games they are enjoying or what apps they are exploitation. FamiSafe Parental management offers you management over all of that, guaranteeing they are not doing one thing you do not need them to once they are on-line.

You can’t be together with your youngsters 24/7 physically or digitally, thus with FamiSafe you get period location sharing and placement history trailing. this suggests if your kid has their phone with them (in their backpack as a phone huntsman app as an example with iOS or golem location trailing enabled) and on their person, you will have 24/7 period trailing.

Parents are able to see wherever their kid isn’t simply in period, however you may even have location trailing history if you wish to trace their steps because of the GPS location huntsman within the app.

Some folks can need to ultimately management each single app their child uses whether or not they are within the house, at school, at a sport they play or their friends’ house. this is often wherever FamiSafe and its choices to specify screen time and a constitutional app blocker.

You might not need your kid enjoying Fortnite once they are out, or need them to be pasted to their smartphone or pill once they are reception. thus you’ll go in the Parent management App and tweak app usage, block apps, and set screen time — additionally as read all of the info over the last twenty four hours, 7 days, 15 days, and thirty days.

You also get associate degree App Activity Timeline during a corking report, wherever you’ll see specifically what your youngsters have put in, and once — all the way down to the minute.

FamiSafe includes another nice feature within the suspicious pic detection, wherever if your kid is distributed or somehow stumbles across one thing dangerous — it’ll send you a second warning once it detects the pics in your kids’ photo albums. If you wish to look at that express image, then you’ll do thus — however on your device, not your kid.

Some folks are okay with their kids enjoying close to their house, however what if they are going too far? however can you recognize? you may know because of FamiSafe supplying you with the situation huntsman and Geofences, wherever you’ll be notified once they’ve stepped outside of your predefined boundaries. this is often an excellent feature if you reside during a safer neighbourhood, however still need to stay a period eye on your kid/s.

If you wish to stay explicit websites aloof from your kids, there’s a constitutional internet filter that may stop your youngsters from finding out websites that you simply need to prevent them from visiting. Not solely that, however there you’ll ban keywords additionally.

There’s suspicious text detection additionally, wherever FamiSafe’s Parental management App will notice suspicious and risky keywords from search history, additionally as sent and received messages over social media apps. it’s going to conjointly allow you to set keywords that you are disquieted regarding, as well as “sex”, “violence”, “drugs”, etc.

FamiSafe has over two million active users enjoying and feeling a lot of protected through their Parental management App, with half dozen offices across the planet and over one thousand staff operating round the clock to stay your family safe.

What will it all value to possess these nice features? Not an excessive amount of in the slightest degree, it’s cheaper than a pizza pie if you opt for the annual arrange at $60 annually — that works bent $5 per month. If you wish to be beaked quarterly, you are looking at $6.66 per month however beaked each three months at $19.99.

If you wish to be beaked monthly, it’s going to value you $10 per month. there’s a distinction between the plans though’ — FamiSafe offers you five devices per account for $10 per month, ten devices per account for the 3-monthly plans, so an enormous thirty devices per account at $5 per month. you’ll transfer FamiSafe for golem here, iOS here, and conjointly on Amazon here.

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