Fat Transfer or Breast Implant – What Is the Better Option for Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement is one of the popular cosmetic surgeries among women. The major purpose of this surgery is to make a woman look confident and better by enhancing the size and shape of the breast. So, if you are looking for an effective method for the same then you got two options: one is Fat Transfer and the other Breast Implantation.

Let us look at the difference between the two, which can help you choose the right one. 

Fat Transfer:

  • Fat transfer is a process of accumulating excess fat from your body through a process called liposuction. This can be feasible for patients who have excess fat on their hips and abdomen. This processed fat is then reinjected into your breast to enhance its shape and size. Phoenix Liposuction Center is a place where liposuction is their speciality. For more details you can check their website https://www.phoenixliposuction.com/
  • One advantage of this method is that they use your own body fat to augment the breast. Hence, it is one of the safest and natural enhancement methods. There is also no chance of allergic reactions as it would be your own fat and no foreign material. 
  • There are no scars associated with this method and also there is no future maintenance required as compared to breast implants. Patients who choose this method are happier as along with enhanced breasts, they get their excess fat removed from their body.
  • When it comes to risk in this method, it is said that these fat injections can interfere with the breast cancer screenings. So, chances are that they will not get accurate results. Also, the cost of this method is more as compared to breast implantation. 
  • Another risk is that there are chances of having nodules or lumps in the breasts, especially if this work is done by some inexperienced physicians.
  • One disadvantage of this method is that some fats are temporary and would be absorbed by the body over time.

Breast Implantation:

  • This is the most common plastic surgery procedure with over 2,00,000 surgeries performed every year. 3 different implants can be done which have a minimum age criterion of about 22 years and above for silicone or gummy bear implants and 18 years and above for silicone implants.
  • One advantage of this breast implant is that its longevity and cost-effective too, where results last for 10 to 15 years where it is reliable and predictable. Also, like fat transfer, it does not require any additional surgery on any other parts of the body. 
  • A risk included in this method is that there are chances of rupturing and leakage. Hence you need to change it within time. Also, there are chances of visible scars on your body.
  • Another disadvantage is that though silicone is safe, it is not as safe as body fat.

Looking at all the pros and cons of these two methods, we cannot say one is better than another. Hence depending upon your choice of outcome, you can decide which method is suitable for you. It is also advisable to consult your surgeon to make the right choice for you.

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