Five things you can do with a dedicated server

There are hundreds of web hosting options across the market, which presents a big challenge in knowing what is best for your online venture. However, if you are searching for hosting that gives you flexibility for unlimited customization, then a dedicated server sounds like a good plan for you. Your business won’t share space with any other user in dedicated service hosting as the provider leases the whole server to you. In other words, you get to choose even how you want the control panel to look like.

Moreover, to forge online success, you’ll need a highly dependable server in terms of storage space, unlimited traffic, and email tracking. So, what are the top 5 things that you can do with reliable uk dedicated servers? Well, they include the following:

1. Optimize your gaming experience

Online gaming is increasingly becoming popular across the mainstream, with betting operators offering markets on Esports video games. If you want to hone your video gaming skills and play at international arenas, getting a game dedicated server from OVHcloud sounds like the best move to make. This special server utilizes a third-generation AMD Ryzen platform to ensure seamless multi-player hosting and protection from DDoS attacks. Moreover, the server is compatible with any millennial generation video games, thanks to its high optimization. 

2. Browsing with a VPN

Not all websites that you visit are safe in terms of accessing your device’s data and copying login information. Browsing with a VPN can help you mask your digital footprints so that you stay invisible to hackers when browsing. A dedicated server can help you set up a reliable virtual private network to provide an added security layer to your website and internet-accessing devices. Moreover, VPNs can also be used to access contents and documentaries that are blocked from specific geographical locations.

3. Communication

Do you feel like you can’t trust the security of emails and social media messages anymore? Well, if that is the case, a dedicated server can offer you an alternative medium of communication, provided the other recipient is connected to the same network. For instance, you can use Internet Relay Chat to encrypt messages such that they don’t make sense to anyone who might try to intercept. The best thing is that you can also regulate how other parties send and receive messages on your platform.

4. Website hosting

If you are running a large online retail website, you should consider hosting it with a dedicated server. Dedicated servers give the best solutions in terms of performance speed and stability, hence a smooth browsing experience. Customers will prefer pages that load faster to flip and compare products with zero downtime. Otherwise, no one will want to spend even a minute on the site.

5. Storage

Lastly, you might also be interested in a server that gives you a reliable space for data sync and storage. Dedicated servers come with external cloud storage solutions that guarantee the security of your data for life. Moreover, it allows you to download and restore site data in any case you’re hacked.

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