Franck Ribery wife Wahiba speaks for the first time since they were robbed

Sunday, July 5, the Florentine home of Franck Ribery was robbed when he was playing a football match against the team from the city of Parma. A theft to which his wife Wahiba reacted on his Instagram account.

All the conditions were met for Franck Ribéry to spend a most enjoyable weekend. This Sunday, July 5, the 37-year-old footballer had won a match with his team from Florence against the players from Parma.

But on returning home after the meeting, Franck Ribery could only note, helplessly, that his home had been robbed in his absence: “What shocks me is this feeling of being naked,” he wrote. on Instagram. Thank God my wife and children were safe in Munich. But how do you have confidence today? The footballer has not answered this question yet.
Wahiba Ribery emerges from silence

Far from his man, alone to face the situation, Wahiba Ribery in turn expressed a story on his Instagram account. The mother of four, in impeccable Italian, expressed her great dismay at the burglary of which they were victims. Like her husband, Wahiba Ribéry said how disgusted she was with what had just happened: “We had never suffered a“ violation ”strictly speaking, but this time, it ‘arrived.

When you come to rummage through your underwear, you’re no longer talking about theft but breaching your privacy. ” After a statement in Florence, the city where they had chosen to live for the career of Franck Ribery, Wahiba said he was “injured as a woman, wife and mother”: “We are not the first and we will not be the last ones […], but I have the right to be sad and to be afraid. What would have happened if we had been in the house? “

She ended up sending a final message to the perpetrator (s): “To you who took my children’s shoes and some of my jewelry, you have no heart and you will pay it sooner or later. I only hope that behind this act are hiding Robins of the Woods who make the stolen objects available to people who need them.

If that was not the case, may God fill your lives with suffering as it is today for ours. I don’t care about material things but the act itself is shameful. ” The fans are obviously behind them to support them in this event.

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