Future TV technology

We are going to 8k and above resolution for the Future TV technology and maybe even better than we might expected.

Can humans will enjoy 8k?

To make it simple to understand Future TV technology, from point of view dimension horizontal and vertical resolution Hi Definition of 1080p.

Sixteen times the overall pixels, at 8K images will be the best digital pictures the human eye will ever see and eveything seems come to life, but who knows what Future TV technology will lead us to where.Some people are also using it on PC displays to play idn poker games.

Last year latest TV technology 2020

based on TV technology 2020 some brand such as Sony’s OLED TVs have become one of top performers from others company that have two new OLED TV series for 2020, both come with 4K  HDR resolution.

The mainstream type model AH8 comes with size 55 and 65 inch screen, while the A9S on 48 inch screen size.

Is OLED still Future TV technology 2021?

For sure OLED technology are transparent, flexible, low energy display and lighting, OLEDs flexibility enables manufacturer using roll 2 roll processes and allows production display and lighting.

Is OLED actually better than 4k resolution?

Based on Future TV technology OLED display resolution will produce rich, deep, more realistic colors compare to 4K LED screen brightness.

Nanocell compare to OLED

From image quality OLED beats Nanocell

OLED Provide Enhanced Color Range and Realistic Colors to viewers

NanoCell better because of their IPS panels its cheaper.

Is OLED still worth as Future TV technology in 2020?

Absolutely yes when you can afford it because OLED contrast, black levels, viewing angles, brightness, image quality still be best at the moment from point of view Future TV technology.Especially for people who play PC games on mukacasino.id which provide excellent display quality simply perfect.

Will OLED be cheaper in the market?

At the current market price OLED still an expensive display to purchase, while we expecting dropping in price and will be more affordable to get the best available OLED TVs.

How Durable OLED lifespan?

LG brand states their OLED TVs lifespan of 30,000 hours equal to watching TV 3 hours/day for 27 years.

Let see what Future TV technology will become in the Future TV technology.

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