Give your Eyes Rest They Need with Computer Glasses

Working from home due to a pandemic can be a boon and a curse. Boon, as you can spend some quality time with your family and save on commuting from office to work. A disadvantage because you need to be constantly working away at your laptop attending meetings and workshops.

Key Features to Look Out for in Computer Glasses

If your work asks for sitting in front of your system, mobile or tablet for hours, then you need to purchase computer glasses. Even if you wear normal glasses, this will not help protect your eyes from strain and the blue light that emits from your system. Exposure to blue light can cause headache, blurred vision, and dry eyes that can damage your eyes.

If you happen to be in Norway looking for computer glasses or databriller as they are popularly called there, purchase these from stores such as iShop AS located in Akeveien, Norway. They are pioneers in all sorts of customer products and do not compromise on quality. The computer glasses sold by the company can help reduce glare and reflections from the screen, thereby making you productive at work.

Some of the key features to look out for while purchasing compute glasses include:

  • The glasses should come with an anti-reflective coating
  • These should also be able to filter out blue lights from the screen

You might want to check for the cost factor as well. You might come across many types of computer glasses sold by reputable stores, but choose the one that best suits your preference and budget. Initially, you might find it difficult to adjust to your new glasses, but once you get comfortable, you will be able to notice the difference immediately.

Now the question that might bother you would be “Do you require a prescription for computer glasses?” If your eyesight is normal, then you can purchase computer glasses without any prescription. If you do wear glasses, then you might need to consult your ophthalmologist ask for a prescription for your computer glasses.

It is generally advisable not to use electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, or tablets at least an hour before bedtime. If you have the habit of reading before bedtime or working at night, then computer glasses would be beneficial for you.

Need for Computer Glasses

If you are still not convinced about whether computer glasses are a worthy investment or not, then let us look at some of the key benefits that might help you think otherwise:

  • It helps your eyes to focus better
  • The anti-glare coating on these glasses can help prevent eye dryness
  • Clearer vision, which can contribute to a better posture as you do not have to constantly hunch over the screen
  • It can also help minimize Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and digital straining
  • It can make you productive as you do not have to face regular headaches and fatigue
  • It can also help reduce migraines caused by the blue light emission from your screen


Keep your eyes healthy by investing in computer glasses. If your eyes are healthy, you will be able to concentrate more on work, complete tasks, and spend quality time with your loved ones.

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