Glass Bottle Or Plastic Bottle, Which One is Better for Your Perfume Use?

For perfume bottle, the body shape is the soul; the material determines the quality, while the color ensures the esthetic of appearance. There are kinds of materials that used as perfume container, including glass and plastic. But which one is more suitable for perfume? We are going to discuss it in the rest of the article.

Glass perfume bottles

Soda-lime glass is regarded as the common material for various perfume bottles because the perfume bottles made by this kind of glass are of high quality and few visible bubbles and stones. The bubble added as a decoration effect is not on its list. In addition to the functions of containers, this kind of glass perfume bottle with high transparency can clearly present the color of the perfume so as to attract consumers’ attention. For example, clear and transparent perfume is usually related to high-end, while light yellow or green perfume is preferred by those seeking to return to nature as this kind of perfume exerts a great sense of nature. Transparent glass perfume spray bottles enable these target customers to quickly and accurately find their favorite perfume colors, thereby stimulating their desire to buy.

Although most modern perfume bottles take soda-lime glass as the main material, there is also a small number of high-end perfume bottles are made of lead crystal glass. In addition to taking into account the materials of perfume bottles, modern perfume bottle designers also focus their attention on the shape, color, and decoration of perfume bottles, so that glass perfume bottles not only please the users but also can act as a decoration for rooms.

A colorful glass perfume bottle is also an option for designers who can innovate the bottles as much as they like with a wide range of iridescent colors.

Plastic perfume bottle

The plastic perfume bottle is not the mainstream in the perfume packaging market but occupies its overwhelming advantages over other perfume bottles’. First, plastic perfume bottles are cheaper than metal, crystal, and glass perfume bottles, which are obviously attractive for low and medium perfume packaging manufacturers. Second, it is not easy to break in the process of transportation. Finally, the blow molding process allows the appearance style of plastic perfume bottles to be more diverse.

The plastic perfume bottle should be tough and beautiful enough. The most common shapes of plastic bottles are round, square, oval, etc. The egg-shaped plastic perfume bottle is tough, but the manufacturing cost of the mold is high. In addition to the selection of material with high stiffness, the shape design also can be considered to enhance the load-bearing strength and stiffness of the plastic perfume bottle. Furthermore, additional functions can be attached to the sealing device when designing the bottle, such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-clogging, spray, and so on. From the perspective of use, the plastic bottle should be convenient for the users. The design of the bottle mouth should be easy to open and close for many times of operations.


From the perspective of cost and molding difficulty, the unit price of plastic bottle is far lower and it is easier to shape complex bottle shape and fine pattern than that of glass bottle. However, the opening cost of plastic bottles is twice that of glass bottles making it only suitable for mass production.

From the perspective of perfume storage, perfume is usually put in glass perfume bottles. It is not a good idea to put them in plastic bottles because polyethylene and PET, the main component of plastic perfume bottles, can be dissolved in alcohol, which perfume contains, resulting in the destruction of aroma. In severe cases, it will cause skin allergy. Alcohol will gradually volatilize or react with plastics when stored for a long time in the plastic perfume bottles. As a result, the quality of the perfume will reduce.

Main differences

  1. Different properties: plastics are polymer synthetic materials with many types. Glass bottles with metal ion colorant can be made into emerald green, dark green, light cyan, amber glass, and other different colors.
  1. Different characteristics: glass perfume bottles are traditional perfume packaging materials, which are bright, transparent, airtight, and easy to form. It has good chemical stability, but it is too heavy and easy to break. The plastic bottle is lightweight and easy to storage, transport, carry and use.
  1. Different advantages: glass perfume bottle has good sealing performance and stable chemical properties. It is ideal for perfume packaging because its high-quality raw material can effectively ensure the quality of perfume for a long time. The plastic bottle has good permeability, good sealing, and high transparency. It is suitable for storing mild cosmetics or skincare products.


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