GogoPDF: The Brilliant Choice To Protect PDF Files

The advancement of technology is prevalent in the availability of innovative platforms like mobile phones, computers, and laptops. All this advanced technological device serves all its best purpose to get in the hype of development. It has become a significant partner in managing all needed files formatting, revisions, and compilation.

All these files in the form of PDF are subject to all these rigorous processes, which will put a high risk of any form of unauthorized access. Therefore it will need a reliable online tool that can secure it from this unwanted deviance. With the continuous aim of GogoPDF to progress, it has created this brilliant intervention that can help users protect their PDF files with ease.

Protect With Password

The common question in this situation is how to protect PDF files from unauthorized access? The answer is quite simple, protect it with a password. The first thing to do is upload the PDF file from your device, then upload your desired password for the file. Then click the Encrypt PDF button, and in just a matter of minutes, your protected file is ready to get saved.

As GogoPDF highlights on the accuracy, the Protect PDF tool encrypts the password. This process gives confidence to the users that the system will only accept strong passwords. It has to have specific letters, characters, and symbols to pass as a secure password to protect a file.

Secured SSL Connection

SSL protects each file that undergoes the process of transfer. The type of encryption protocol stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which maximizes algorithms that can scramble between two systems from the data being sent. This process ensures that cybercriminals are not able to decipher or modify the information transferred.

This process enables users to guard the exact files against cybercriminals’ prying eyes, who will always intend to misuse the confidential documents. This online toll of protecting PDF files keeps users away from the dangers of bank information mishap or worst stolen identity.

Cloud Storage And Cross-Platform Support

This online tool is browser friendly. It can work well with all types of major internet browsers, namely Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. Take that for versatility. Plus it is perfectly compatible with almost all available operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

As this GogoPDF online tool of protecting files processes entirely in the web browser, it is compatible with working well from either mobile phones, tablets, or desktop. It achieves the same seamless product. And since this is using online, all is saved in the Cloud. Users get saved from the hassle of installing software and consuming unwanted resources.

Privacy First In Mind

The work of GogoPDF does not only adhere to giving an astonishing output. It always aims to protect the privacy of its users. Suppose this online tool works its brilliance in protecting the PDF files from the unwary prey of cybercriminals. The same weight of importance is also delivered to secure the privacy of files uploaded to the server.

This online tool includes in its process the feature to automatically delete the uploaded files after an hour.  And ultimately, do not store passwords; all the passwords processed are instantly removed from the server.


We cannot deny that people continuously rely online on the processing of all sorts of information. There is a high risk of unauthorized access. Thankfully with the advancement of technology, there are online tools like GogoPDF that have brilliant innovation to protect these files. Luckily as users, we get to have that space for peace of mind.

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