GogoPDF Tools: A Painless Way to Manage All Your Electronic Files Efficiently Online

Many people use PDF for various practical reasons. Small and big companies from different industries utilize electronic files in PDF format. Even teachers and students significantly make use of PDF files for their teaching and learning materials. Hence, there are so many things you can do in using PDFs with any electronic documents.

However, it’s not easy to manage tons of PDF files on your computer or smartphone. You might find it difficult to organize them properly in your file storage, especially if you’re a busy person. You can find many platforms online that can help you do your job with your PDF files, but the most reliable platform that many people use is GogoPDF.

GogoPDF is a website with various useful tools that will surely help manage all your electronic files in your computer storage or smartphone. Check the details below to know the efficient way to deal with all of your PDFs using GogoPDF painlessly.

File Online Converter

If you need a particular file to accomplish a specific task, but you can’t find it in your file storage, you’ll need a file conversion tool. The tool will allow you to convert your existing files to a file format you want. Good thing that GogoPDF offers you access to its file conversion tool for entirely free.

You can convert PDF to PNG online, JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG, and many other available file conversions you can check on its official website. Besides that, if you have Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations, you can also convert them to PDF format. The conversion process is simple and easy. It’ll usually take a few minutes but will sometimes take longer depending on the number of files you’re converting.

Online PDF Merger

You sometimes encounter some problems organizing all your PDF files on your computer or smartphone, especially if you have tons of them you use every day at work or school. In this case, you’ll need the online PDF merger of GogoPDF for free. The tool will allow you to combine multiple PDFs into one single PDF file.

Hence, you can merge different PDF files with the same content to serve the same purpose in accomplishing particular tasks or projects. You can also unify those PDFs created in the same year and organize them in chronological order. You can use other ways of classifying your PDF files. Then, choose one that you think will work best for you.

By employing this organization method in GogoPDF, your PDF files will surely reduce its number and help maximize your file folder’s space on your computer or smartphone. Hence, the next time you need a particular file, you would know which folder and file to look for it quickly.

PDF Protection Tool

One of your responsibilities as a PDF user is to keep all your files safe at all times. These files may contain important data and information that you must protect from other people trying to access and use them without your permission. That’s something you surely don’t want to happen for your PDF files.

Don’t worry because GogoPDF offers you an online PDF protection tool for free. The tool allows you to set up a password for file security. Just upload your PDFs on the protection tool of GogoPDF. Then, create a personalized password, incorporating different characters, letters, and numbers.

After that, the system will start saving the password you provided. Once it’s finished, you can now download the newly encrypted PDF files to your computer or smartphone. That’s the easiest way of activating a password for your PDF files.


Dealing with so many PDFs is not easy. It’ll surely take so much of your time and effort. However, the tools discussed above will surely help you do your job efficiently. In fact, you can check the official website of GogoPDF to see other helpful available tools you can use for free. Hence, if you need one in the future, don’t forget to visit GogoPDF.

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