Hair Loss: Causes, Prevention, Treatments

People lose their hair every day. Around 50-100 lost hairs per day is a norm. Sometimes, this number may increase due to various factors: poor nutrition, stresses, hormones, diseases, seasonal changes, pregnancy, etc. Hair loss in women and men is a widespread issue, and if you day by day notice a bunch of hairs on your pillow or brush, immediately apply to a doctor to check your health condition.

How to stop hair loss?

If you think that hair loss in your case goes beyond the norm, the first thing to do is to determine its cause. You are unlikely to find it out by yourself, so visiting a dermatologist and maybe some other specialists is inevitable. The main point is to check for any serious diseases, as hair loss may be just a side effect of:

  • Iron-deficiency anemia;
  • Infection diseases;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • hormonal disruptions.

If the doctor identifies any of these problems, once you cure it, hair loss will cease. There is also a number of psychological factors that may have a negative impact on the condition and thickness of your hair: stresses, depressions, etc. Antidepressants, good rest, and a moderate pace of life will help you to normalize the situation.

How to prevent hair loss?

There are points you can control, and there are those behind your responsibility. We will single out the things you can do to improve your hair condition and prevent excessive hair loss:

  • balanced diet;
  • food rich with minerals and vitamins;
  • sufficient sleep and rest;
  • moderate pace of life;
  • active lifestyle;
  • appropriate hair care;
  • less of tight hairstyles;
  • less usage of hair fixing sprays, dry shampoos, etc.

Most of these points are also general recommendations on how to maintain good health, and in this case, good health is equal to healthy and beautiful skin, hair, nails, and so on.

Best medicine hair loss treatments

Medicine and cosmetology do not stand still, and there are some ways to enhance the looking of your hair. One of them is mesotherapy for hair loss. What is it? Well, mesotherapy is an advanced treatment that implies intradermal injections of a special cocktail. The solution for the injections may include various components, depending on the mesotherapy product brand, and the doctor will recommend you the remedy that will perfectly suit the needs of your skin and hair. The most popular ingredients are:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • amino acids;
  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • herbal extracts.

How does mesotherapy work as hair loss treatment?

 Our organism regards skin, hair, and nails as not that vital organs and supplies them with the nutrients in the last queue. Thus, local injections of meso cocktails deeply moisturize and nourish the skin tissues, supplement with all needed vitamins and minerals, boost inner collagen and elastin production processes, strengthen the hair from inside, stimulate growth, making it healthy, beautiful, and strong.


Hair loss is a widespread problem, but it is not a sentence, and there are a lot of ways to prevent and stop it. If you want your hair to be thick, shiny, and beautiful, adjust your lifestyle: sleep well, eat healthy food, use appropriate hair care products, take care of your health, and visit doctors on schedule. You can take some vitamins and have mesotherapy injections not just as hair loss cure but a wonderful enhancement and prevention treatment.

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