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Hannah Quinlivan July Story

The real Kunling is an anti-bone and hot personality woman!

Kunling, who always seems to have a sweet smile, her real personality is actually very anti-bone. She described herself this way: “I am quite anti-bone and insist on my own opinions.” She talked about her growth process and liked to say to her father, “Why not?” (Why not?)” She always wanted a second option. “I don’t belong to that kind of duck-feeding type. I’ll choose A for you. I will say, “Is there B?” Maybe I choose A at the end, but I hope you give me a B option, So I’m not a rebellion, I am a bone!

Kunling, who insists on her own views, will do what she wants, as long as she thinks it is good, she will do it. Even if others think that it is dangerous, she is not afraid: “I have to try it before I know it!” Kunling recalled Since I was 15 years old, I wanted to walk alone. At that time, I missed my mother too much and saved a lot of pocket money.

Without my father’s knowledge, I bought a plane ticket and took a passport and flew back to Taiwan from Australia. Dad was completely blindfolded until Kunling arrived at the airport, only to know that she wanted to fly back to Taiwan by herself. Dad didn’t scold her or stop her. He just said, “I know! As long as your mom will pick you up You are just fine.” This was the first time in her life that she took a plane by herself, and it was the first time that she decided to fly back to Taiwan because of miss.

Kunling is not only anti-bone, but also has a hot personality! “I basically have nothing to be angry with outsiders, but the explosion point to my family is very low. Because my family should know me best, how can this happen! It is easy to be angry!” Curious what is Kunling’s “mine”? She replied: “I’m not honest, lying is a big mine.”

The girl who used to be boneless, like to sing Kunling with her family, now grows up to be a mother and understands her parents better: “I used to collide with my mother before. Empathy, try to talk to my mother with the attitude that I want my child to talk to me, which I would never have done before.”

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Andrew Beck
Andrew Beck
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