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How an Amazon Virtual Assistant Helps Boost Your FBA Business

Running a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business can help you scale your e-Commerce operation to new heights. Through the support of Amazon’s vast infrastructure and exceptional delivery services, you can excel at aspects such as shipping, inventory, and storage.

While this takes the logistical requirements off your shoulders, it requires constant input and monitoring from your end. From finding the right keywords to uploading new products, you have a slew of activities to manage daily.

That’s where an Amazon virtual assistant (VA) comes in. By tackling critical tasks on your behalf, your VA can help you boost your FBA business remotely and affordably.

What Does an Amazon Virtual Assistant Do?

An Amazon VA is a subsection of virtual assistant solutions, which allow you to hire part-time or full-time professionals in a remote setting. These VAs can handle an array of tasks from divisions such as administration, communication, and customer service.

This means that your Amazon VA can take on virtually any activity that pertains to your FBA business and fulfill it on time.

This covers various tasks that include but are not limited to:

  • Doing keyword research for product listings.
  • Writing and optimizing product descriptions.
  • Handling Amazon communication and inventory tasks.
  • Tackling direct inquiries and concerns from customers.
  • Sourcing products from manufacturers.
  • Managing company emails and social media accounts.

How Does It Help Your Operations?

By handing over most of your daily tasks to an Amazon virtual assistant, you can save the time you otherwise spend on these activities. This allows you to properly focus on other aspects of your business that you can only handle.

For instance, if you manufacture your goods in your facility, freeing yourself from FBA’s administrative tasks can help you focus on design and production. Similarly, suppose you source your materials from different vendors. In that case, you can find enough time to check their quality and functionality in person before they are shipped off to an Amazon warehouse.

As compared to hiring an in-person assistant, going with a remote or virtual assistant also helps you keep your costs down. It also lets you hire candidates from virtually anywhere in the world, which allows you to spread out your operations more efficiently in the post-pandemic world.

What Type of Compensation Model Do VAs Follow?

As mentioned above, you can hire an Amazon virtual assistant either as a part-time or full-time employee. In the former arrangement, they typically work on an hourly basis. In the latter model, they get a set paycheck against the tasks they do for your business.

It’s prudent to note that even full-time VAs are contract employees by default. This means that they come without the requirement of benefits such as health insurance or workers’ compensation insurance.

How Can You Hire a VA for Your Business?

You can hire a VA for your FBA business by reaching out to freelancers or specialized providers. With that being said, a variety of FBA businesses prefer finding their VAs through an established firm.

It’s because these firms focus on connecting experienced FBA professionals to businesses. As a result, you can find reliable, competent, and robust support without looking through a plethora of freelancer profiles.

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Lakisha Davis
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