How automation can help scale continuous testing in Agile?

With the advancement in technologies and owing to the popularity of mobile and web applications, brands across the globe want to develop more and more advanced mobile and web applications to deliver the best services through their apps. Hence all the application developing organizations and development and QA teams are looking for technical solutions for building faster and qualitative applications.

So web or mobile application testing is one of the most popular solutions to improve the performance of an application and over the years. Over the years the application testing has evolved tremendously and techniques like automation testing, continuous testing have become the go-to solutions for all the mobile application developing organizations. 

For the constructive implementation of Continuous testing automation testing is imperative. To understand this first let’s have a quick overview on the continuous testing and automation testing and try to understand the difference between them.

Difference between continuous testing and automation testing

In continuous testing, an application is tested from the earlier stages until the production stage of the development life cycle of an application. The aim is to evaluate the performance of the application during its entire delivery cycle. It is mostly implemented in agile and DevOps models, where continuous testing takes place spanning both the continuous integration and continuous delivery loop.

Whereas, in automation testing, testing is performed without any human efforts. Mostly automated scripts are used for running tests. It helps in executing all the repetitive test cases with minimal errors. 

For executing continuous testing productively, we need automation testing so that all the testing activities execute in a faster and efficient manner. So let’s see how automation testing helps in scaling the continuous testing.

Increases the speed of execution

Continuos testing covers the entire DevOps loop. In order to execute testing seamlessly and faster over the complete delivery cycle, automation testing plays a vital role as it accelerates the speed of testing with minimal error.

Detects the bugs early and reduces the cost of testing during the later stages

The test automation in continuous delivery helps to detect the bugs in the earlier stages. In earlier stages, it is easier to detect as well as resolve the bugs whereas in the later stages it is difficult to detect the bugs and becomes very complicated to resolve the bugs as it can affect the functioning of the existing codes. An adequate testing process in the earlier stages allows the recovery to be simpler and faster as compared to the later stages.

 Reduces the testing efforts

Different types of automation testing methods whether it is a coded script, a record and play tool or an AI-powered automation bot, it remarkably reduces the efforts required for testing with minimal possibility for errors. It reduces the efforts required for performing the redundant and repetitive test cases.

Gaining efficiency

One of the major challenges while developing high performing software applications or product is to plan a robust and efficient test automation framework. The challenges are maximum automation coverage including time and cost and an effective test automation platform can help cover all the gaps and solve the business goals. Hence once the test automation strategy is in place, it helps in shaping the entire plan. Hence test automation is paramount in the successful development of high-performing applications and products.


Mobile application testing is the go-to solution for developing high-performance applications. Automation testing is one technique that drives the complete agenda for the successful execution of the project and helps in achieving the business goals. It scales up continuous testing and streamlines the entire ci/cd pipeline for developing high-performance mobile and web applications. It scales various other testing techniques like parallel testing, cross-browser testing, etc. Hence automation testing is highly important and must be evolved and empowered through techniques like continuous testing to achieve efficient results.

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