How to Build Better Software By Building a Better Team

Developing software can be a complex process that can only be done efficiently in teams. Assembling the software development team is a crucial part of the process since it will determine the quality of the work that is produced and how well the team will work together. Companies like KitelyTech know this lesson all too well and have focused on assembling the right software development team for the job. In this article, we discuss how to assemble the right software development team for your project.

Understand the Problem                           

When you decide that software development is the solution to your problem, you need to focus on the specifics of that problem. Every problem has a set of specific answers and knowing more about what you need to accomplish gives you the ability to choose the right team member skills for your job. Make a list of the goals that you need to accomplish. This will show you which skills you need on the team and how to move forward.

Choose Team Members Based on Skills

Your team will be the most efficient and the most effective if you can hire staff members based on their special skills. Technology specialists often specialize in specific types of development, design, or management. If you know what problems you need to address in the development process, pick staff members with skills that specifically address those problems. Your team will work best if they have slightly overlapping, but mainly diverse skills.

Keep Your Team Small if Possible

Your team should be as small as is feasible for the project at hand. The problem with adding more team members is that it reaches a point where the focus becomes coordinating the team rather than solving problems and completing the project. Most software development projects can be finished by a handful of team members. If you run into a problem that can only be solved by scaling the team up in size, then you should consider expanding the size of the team.

The Team Needs Goals

When your team is assembled, you need to have something ready for them to work on. The time can stay cohesive and motivated if there is something to work toward. In short, your team needs goals or it won’t keep itself together or functional.

Choose the Right Type of Leader

Your team is only as good as its leader. Every leader has a management style, which includes their management methodology, how they interact with people, and their philosophy on dealing with problems. Each of these factors is critically important and choosing the wrong combination of these factors can cause a team to fail. Look for a leader that can mesh well with the team both professionally and personally to ensure that the team can operate smoothly.

Building Teams is an Art and a Science

Putting a team together can be difficult and may take several tries. This is not unusual, but there are ways to make it easier. If you need software developed, you can work with an agency like KitelyTech that already has an established team that works wonders together.

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