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How to Crack Microsoft AZ-104 Exam on First Try Using Dumps?

With the IT industry’s emerging demands, Microsoft wants that employers keep pace with the modern era’s business requirements. That’s why Microsoft is moving forward to make their learning programs much better than before.

Similarly, now the previous AZ-103 exam has been ExamTopics MD-100 Tests., and this is the assessment that you need to pass to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification. And from this article, you’ll find out why to use dumps for AZ-104 exam for the brilliant preparation. Especially if it’s your first time you face exam dumps, then probably lots of questions are coming in your mind. We’ll make it clear for you. Let’s start!

Exam AZ-104: Brief Overview

Exam AZ-104or Microsoft Azure Administrator validates your skills in working with Microsoft Azure environment. You should possess solid skills in using cloud infrastructure of the organization. And before business requirements, you need to have 6 months of practical experience of administering Azure and should be familiar with such concepts as Azure CLI, Azure portal, and PowerShell. In addition, you should have a deep understanding of how to use core Azure services, security, and Azure workloads.

After the successful completion of AZ-104 exam you earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate badge. This credential is your passing gate to better career prospects as well as salary. According to ZipRecruiter’s statistics, with this certification from Microsoft you can earn annually about from this article.

Why to Use Exam Dumps in Your Prep Process?

As you know, preparation is the key to success. Using AZ-104 dumps will greatly assist you in passing this exam on the first try. Let’s find out why:

Get an idea about the exam

Most of the questions and answers come from the previous AZ-104 exam; hence it’s the best way to gain an insight into the upcoming questions. This grants you sufficient time to know the topics tested, see the practical experience of administering and their types, and sharpen skills to tackle them.

Test yourself

While doing the preparation, how you’ll identify your mistakes? It’ll result in bad scoring if you ignore your errors in the early stages of preparation is the key to success. Training with exam dumps for AZ-104 exam will help you find out your weak areas, and fill in the gaps before the main assessment. Therefore, here, exam dumps are the best way to test your abilities, and get insight into where the questions went wrong, and re-study the idea, so you never reencounter those mistakes.

Time management

Exam AZ-104 will contain 40-60 questions of various types that you need to complete within 120 minutes. It means that you’ll have about 2 minutes per question. Thus, you need to get the gist of each question and environment and assists. Here, dumps are the most effective tools, since they are opened on the testing engine which replicates the exam environment and assists you in developing your time management skills.

Track your improvement

One of the options highly valued in the testing engine is the possibility to track your results. The passing score in AZ-104 assessment is 700 points and through using dumps you can check whether you pass it or not. If not, you can train unlimited times, focus on your weak areas, and finally, improve your results.


In the end, exam dumps are your top assistants in passing AZ-104 exam and earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate badge. Use them as they will provide you an instant preview of your preparation and show you the topics for you to focus on and make you feel confident about your Microsoft AZ-104 exam. So, add them on the list of your prep options and you’ll definitely gain your passing score.

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