How to Create a Safety Checklist to Ensure that Your Employees are Protected at all Times?

Covid-19 has changed our way of living and working tremendously. While most of us have worked from home all through the year, there were others who were at a higher risk of catching the infection and yet had to be on the frontline of disease control. Now that the hopes are high with the upcoming vaccination drive; most offices are restarting their usual schedule on a shift basis.

This is especially the case with companies whose on-premise presence of certain employees is essential to function efficiently, especially those who work under compliance that needs data protections at all costs.

The employees are however scared to return back to work as they do not want to become the career of the virus and transmit it to their loved ones especially those living with high risk or vulnerable population. Let us discuss some steps that we can take as business owners to ease the minds of our employees and take responsibility of health of everyone involved.

The first step to achieve this is by putting in place an extensive disinfection protocol. It will definitely come as an additional cost but is very crucial in these times. If you wish to make bulk disinfectant wipes and sanitizers purchase online, Klerzix is the right place for you. They have a large of number of products that could help in protecting your employees on a daily basis and they take bulk orders as well.

Health safety checklist

The cleaning protocols were always followed in offices in between the shifts, but cleaning has become the primary focus when the entire world is suffering is battling the pandemic. Some of the important points that you have to focus on in order to maintain a healthy environment for your employees to return to work are:

  • Remove dirt from every nick and corner of the office everyday to remove any germs that might be breeding there.
  • Use disinfection wipes to clean workstations and desks at least twice a day.
  • Provide individual sanitizer bottles, masks, and wipes to each of your employee so they can use it without the risk of cross infection.
  • Make sure that your cleaning staffs are wearing gloves and masks at all times.
  • If anyone who visits your office tests positive for the virus, get a thorough disinfection done by contacting the local authorities.
  • Make layouts and rules regarding the use of common places like washrooms, cafeteria, conference halls, and the walking lanes.
  • You need to specially create a system to ensure safety from the visitors at the front desk, elevators, and reception seating area.
  • Create sufficient space between work stations to maintain 6 feet of distance between any two individuals.
  • Also, ensure that only the necessary number of employees attends a particular shift to avoid crowding.

The cleaning protocol must be followed before and after each shift. Increase the frequency when there is a local outbreak in your area or when there is suspected cases in your office. Risks are high and work is important too, so take responsibility for the health of everyone who works for you.

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