How To Improve Productivity: Top Tips From Experts

Productivity is a critical ingredient to succeed in everything we do. It is a fact that we often fail to focus on our tasks, and many distracting activities keep us from being productive. Sometimes, it is just not possible to concentrate on something tedious or uninteresting – and we choose to avoid it, for instance, turning to writers for help instead of solving math homework on our own. So, this article is for people who struggle to focus on a task. It will help you identify the reason you get off track and suggest ways to improve productivity.

Importance Of Productivity

Productivity is essential since it gets more work done in a specified period. Productive people do more in less time, meaning that such people can undertake crucial and challenging tasks. It leaves you enough time to do other things you enjoy, such as spending valuable time with family or friends or hobbies. Other benefits of productivity are a feeling of accomplishment. Eliminating a task out of your to-do list helps release dopamine in your body system; this is a natural mood booster. It means that you boost your mood each time you accomplish a task. We all love the feeling of achieving a task, mainly when it is necessary or difficult.

Why We Struggle To Be Productive

The following are the reasons we are and stay productive.

  • Technology distractions: Technology helps us realize our dreams quicker and faster in this current age and time than we can imagine. On the same note, we get consumed and distracted with technology tools such as social media, responding to constant alerts and responding to text messages. It is easy for most people to pass the time going through social media feeds or even checking statements. According to studies, we spend 11 hours per day on average, interacting with social media.
  • Lack of direction: To others, productivity is very low because they lack clear direction on what to do or accomplish. Such people can know the end goal but have no direction on how to proceed. It happens when we feel the task is difficult or if we have not done it before. It can also occur when we have a lot of work that needs our attention. When our brains are preoccupied when many other thoughts, it becomes a struggle to pay attention to a task.
  • Boring or challenging tasks: We sometimes struggle to be productive because of boredom.
  • Beginning late in the day: At times, our to-do-list is too long to fit a single day. Sometimes, start working on their task when the day is far much gone.

How To Be Boost Productivity

  • Limit distractions: We have a distraction all over. Our distractions can come from favorite App or games or social life. Every worker must cultivate good social life, and it is normal to experience downtime to relax.
  • Go for essential or challenging tasks first: Most people choose the order of functions randomly or go for easy ones first. It is an unproductive strategy to perform your responsibilities. To be productive, you need to pick important or hard tasks first.
  • Be an early riser: Some prefer to sleep late, but successful people walk up early. Early rising is proportional to essential health benefits and increased performance in school and the workplace.
  • Take a break to relax: Many people try to do work all day, even when taking meals. Working all day long without play makes us less productive. Taking a break helps us break the monotony and makes us less bored.

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