How To Know The Right Time To See A Chiropractor

Sometimes it’s obvious when you need to see the doctor. If you’ve had a car accident, flu, or continuous fever, you’ll definitely go to the doctor because these are obvious symptoms that need a doctor’s attention. On the other hand, some symptoms may not appear pronounced. Maybe you’ve had pain in your abdomen that wouldn’t go away for days. Though this may not be severe, it could be a sign of something worse. Sometimes, you’ve had a runny nose for as long as you can remember. It may not be extreme but could portend something worse.

These scenarios also apply to chiropractic care. Everyone probably knows that visiting an Austin TX chiropractor is a good idea if they experience neck or back pain. However, some signs may not seem extreme, though they may be severe if left unattended.

This article discusses how to identify those signs and know the right time to see a chiropractor.

1. Persistent Neck Pain

According to some research, American adolescents spend over eight hours sitting, while adults spend around six and a half hours sitting. Sitting for extended periods may affect your body because of its posture. Bad postures unnecessarily pressurize the shoulders and spine and may cause swelling, misalignment, and other painful conditions.

Sitting for long may also result to back pains, which in turn, may lead to headaches. You can use firm pillows and ice packs at home to try and reduce the pain. However, if it can’t work anymore, you need to see a chiropractor. No matter the type of neck pain you have, you need to monitor whether it’s persistent or not. Constant neck pain may be an indicator of a spine problem. Because the spine is responsible for many things in your body, including balance, you don’t want to take unnecessary risks. Therefore, if you find it hard to turn your head, or getting through the day with the pain, visit a chiropractor.

2. Limited Flexibility And Mobility

The spine is responsible for every movement you make. If it’s out of alignment, the movement of your joints may be strenuous. That may make it difficult for you to walk into the house or drive your car. Some accidents result because of a failure in muscle coordination of the driver’s legs or hands. When this happens, you wouldn’t be able to control the wheel or the breaks.

Stretching the misaligned joints at home can bring temporary relief but may not correct mobility problems. That’s why you need to see your chiropractor to get your spinal misalignments corrected. This way, you’ll increase your motion range and get back your functioning body. If your body movements have improved, it’ll function well and reduce pain.

3. Chronic Migraines Or Headaches

Several issues can cause migraines and headaches. It may be due to stress, dehydration, too much alcohol, or other medical conditions. However, one of the notable causes of migraines and headaches is muscle tension in the neck. This occurs when there are joint irritation and muscle tension. The sedentary lifestyles we live may worsen this situation and make your migraines unbearable. As a result, you may find it difficult to concentrate at work, driving, or doing any activity. If you reach this level, it’s time to see your chiropractor.

Some chiropractic adjustments and spinal cord manipulations can help to reduce neck tension and minimize your headaches. It’ll also reduce pressure from some areas of your spine and give you balance. Experts recommend that you do neck exercises to prevent it from staying in one position for long. If you don’t have a workout routine that includes neck exercises, including one as soon as today.

4. Sitting For Long Periods

Whether it’s eating your meal, commuting to work, watching TV, you probably spend a lot of time sitting. Some researchers compare sitting with smoking because it results in diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, that smoking would also bring. Though it’s impossible to avoid sitting completely, you need to take some steps to lessen its stress on your body. One of these ways may be to buy a chair that supports an upright posture, trying to keep your head straight while working at your desk, and breaking after a few hours to take a walk.

If prolonged sitting has caused you some pain like backaches or neck pain, you need to see your chiropractor. He may help you fix the issues related to prolonged sitting and advise you on the proper postures to use at home or work. Some exercises may also help improve your spinal health and reduce any pain associated with a bad sitting posture.

5. Low Back Pain

This is an obvious sign of a spinal problem. Research states that at some point in time, everyone may experience low back pains. These types of pains can be uncomfortable and excruciating at times. However, it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm because it quickly goes away as it comes. However, you need to be worried if the pain has lasted for more than six weeks or is getting worse. If this is what you’ve been feeling, it’s safe to see your chiropractor.

6. Your Shoes Wear Out Unevenly

The soles of your shoes may be something you’re less interested in, though it can speak a lot about your health. If you’ve noticed that one of your shoes loses traction faster than the other, it may be because one part of your body is receiving more pressure than the other. Visit your chiropractor to straighten you out and give you back your balance.

7. Acute Leg Pain

Have you experienced a sharp pain in the back of your legs? This makes it uncomfortable for you to move and may make it necessary for you to use crutches. Nobody wants to be in this condition because it makes them miss their dear workout schedules, pet walk, and general mobility. When you experience this, it may be because of a spine problem. Back leg pains are often attributed to pinched nerves connected to the spinal cord. Your chiropractor can help you to correct this problem. However, if it’s not a result of spinal imbalance, he’ll advise you on the appropriate measures to take and the best doctor to visit to get it corrected.

8. You Actively Participate In Physical Activities Or Sports

Though living an active life is much better than living a sedentary one, it stresses your body. Therefore, it’s best to visit a chiropractor frequently if you’re involved in an athletic lifestyle. Sports may sometimes result in injuries that may at first seem benign but later become serious. If you want to continue living a healthy life, you need constant checkups.

Lifting heavy weights and running can stress your back and injure your spine. If you want to be healthy for long, experts recommend that you don’t do them extensively. The body has its limits, and you shouldn’t exceed it. Additionally, using muscle enhancers may also cause spinal problems. Some of these supplements have anesthetic properties that may make it difficult to know the damage they cause to your body. A chiropractor can help to regularly realign your spine and advise you on the appropriate supplements to use.

9. You’ve Been Involved In An Accident

Car accidents can cause injuries that aren’t easy to identify until much later. If you escaped the accident unscathed, you need to see a chiropractor, whether you’re experiencing pain or not. Injuries from accidents can take a long time to resurface, and when they do so, it may be too late to correct. A chiropractor will examine your spine and tell you if it’s working correctly or needs some tweaking.

The Bottom-line

If you’re experiencing any of these conditions, it’s time to see your chiropractor. Don’t ignore any of them even though they may seem mild because they could be signs of more severe health problems.

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