How to protect your car when moving to a warmer climate?

Most people choose to move their car with them when moving to a foreign country permanently or for an extended period. Having a car at your disposal means that you will be able to explore the new country to the fullest without any hassle of finding a car hire or paying heftily for the same.

However, if you are moving to a warmer climate, car shippers have some important advice to share. The expert explains that must take the right measures to protect your vehicle from sun damage. This becomes even more important if you are moving a car of high value.

Sun damage can wreak havoc on your expensive vehicles. From faded cat paint to impact on headlights and rubberized trims, the damage can be severe and can affect the value of the car significantly. Sun can also damage the interior of your vehicle. So, what to do to protect your car from sun damage when moving to a warmer climate? Well, here are a few tips:

Protecting the exterior:

Prolonged sun exposure can affect your car’s exterior in multiple ways. If you leave the car in direct sunlight for a longer period, the fine paint coat on the exterior can fade or even crack. The vulnerable parts like bumper and wheel fenders can also get damaged and collect dirt which is high in hotter climates.

Tip 1: Clean it properly

The high UV rays in the direct sunlight can cause a lot of damage when the car is exposed to them for long intervals. If you want to protect your car from extensive damage, it is advised to keep it clean at all times. Bird droppings and dirt can contribute to the damage as they are very acidic. It will make the paint fade away early than expected and also cause flaking. If you are moving to a beach city, make sure that the salt in the air does not sit in the car. The salt will further catalyze the effects of the sun on the car’s paint.

Tip 2: Be careful as you wash:

Wash your car diligently and as frequently as you can to prevent sun damage. The more you wash it the better you can maintain the paint. Also, try and wash the car on your own as the professional car washes use strong chemicals that can have adverse effects on your paint. The best DIY approach to washing your car is to rinse it with water, then apply a soapy solution and finally rinse it once all over again.

To ensure that the washing is perfect, you can also buy special car paint coatings and wax to protect the paint. Such paint coatings prevent sun damage and are dirt repellent.

Tip 3: Take care of your tires:

The tires too are exposed to sun rays and can sustain damage. The risk is higher if the tires do not have optimal air pressure. You must ensure that the tires are at around 32-35 psi tire pressure. However, it is best to follow the car manual instructions as you fill the air in the tires.

Park the car in shade:

The one sure shot way to prevent sun damage is to park the car in shade. If you are not able to find a shade for car parking, you can always cover the car with a sheet or a car cover.

Protecting the interior:

Unlike the exterior, the interior of the car gets affected by the sun differently. The surfaces are softer and more prone to damage as the temperature becomes hot inside the car when it is parked directly in sunlight. The glass windows further amplify the effect. To safeguard your car’s interior from sunlight, you must:

Tip 1: Make a shade

Making the tinted effect on the windows is one of the best ways to prevent sunlight from entering the inside of the car. A tinted window can help in reducing the internal temperature of the vehicle o up to 85%. However, before you do so, find out the permitted tinted window percentage.

Tip 2: Get seat covers

The seats are also very vulnerable to sun damage, especially leather seats. Leather seats can get burnt, fade away, or worse get cracked. If you have light-colored seats in your car, you will experience slower damage but it will happen over time. Using high-quality seat covers, especially the ones made with clothes is a great way to prevent sun damage.

Tip 3: wipe it down

Make sure that the inside of your car is also dirt free. Use a microfiber cloth to dust the inside of the car and remove all the dust and dirt. This will help you prevent sun damage. A windshield shade also works wonders in helping you reduce the damage from UV rays.

Tip 4: Technology is your friend.

There are multiple technologically advanced items available in the market that you can use to maintain the temperature of your car. Some cushions, reflective coats, ventilation machines, and dehumidifiers are a great aid in maintaining the car’s interior.

Taking your car along when moving to a distant country is a great option. But taking care of the vehicle when moving to a warmer climate is an added responsibility. We hope that the car care tips mentioned in this article will help you maintain your car in a place that has happy sunshine days.

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