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How to sanitize and disinfect your home after a move during COVID-19?

Moving during the COVID-19 times can give you many concerns. The already tough process becomes more cumbersome when you move during the pandemic. From the safety of your family to assets, you need to take care of a lot of things. While you pack and move safe, keeping all the COVID-19 guidelines in mind, there are chances that you get exposed to the virus as soon as you enter your new house.

Yes, the house may be exposed to a range of people before you arrive, which means that the chances of infection are high. To ensure you have a safe transition, it is important to disinfect your home. If you have hired the best  you do not have to worry about the safe moving process and hence have enough time to learn the best ways of disinfecting and sanitizing your home after a move during COVID-19.

Tips for sanitizing during a move:

From sanitizing the boxes to wiping the door knobs, there is a long list of things you must do to ensure complete safety. Here are a few best tips to follow:

Do not touch anything:

First thing to remember is that touching anything is risky. Before you arrive at your home, there might be several people including plumber, handymen, landlords, etc. who must have touched various surfaces. To ensure safety wipe the door knobs with a disinfectant wipe as soon as you unlock the main door.

Have a handy sanitization kit:

Make sure you travel with a sanitization kit that is easy to access. This kit must have sanitizer, soap, towel, disinfectant and sanitizing spray, disinfectant wipes, mask and gloves. When you arrive at your home, make sure you spray every room with disinfectant spray. Having a handy kit means you will not have to touch all the boxes to find out where you kept the sanitizing supplies.

Sanitize the boxes:

Sanitizing and disinfection sprays are a big life savers. You must use these sprays on all the boxes as soon as they are out of the box. There are chances that they may have come in contact with someone with infection.


If the home had curtains, bedsheets and towels from before, make sure you wash them before use. Use warm water and detergent to wash the clothing to prevent cross contamination. You can even mix sanitizing agents to the laundry as there are products available for the purpose.

Clean and sanitize all the high touch surfaces:

You must start a sanitization drive at your home and use the highest quality cleaning and sanitizing products for wiping and disinfecting all the high touch areas. Drawers, door and window handles, main entrance, kitchen cupboards, bathroom faucets and supplies are some of the key areas that you must clean and disinfect.

Clean the floor before you unpack:

Before you start opening up these boxes, make sure that the floor is clean. You must keep in mind that coronavirus can survive on surfaces for a long time and you don’t have any knowledge of how clean the floor is. Especially if the floor of the house has clothing or carpeting, the chances of coronavirus survival are high. You must clean the floor as it will not only eliminate the virus but also remove other impurities which are essential from a hygiene point of view.

Use hand sanitizer:

As you start the unpacking process, make sure you use hand sanitizer frequently. If you have easy arrangement for washing hands, it is a better way to keep the virus at bay. Wash your hands and ask others to do the same.

Use EPA registered products only:

As you work on the sanitization and disinfection of the house, make sure you use EPA registered products only. Each product comes with the usage instructions. Follow them and ensure safe and effective use.

Engage professional help:

One of the best ways to ensure that your house is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected is to hire professional help. When you engage the professionals, they come with the right equipment and agents to ensure 99.999% removal of the virus. The experts will also clean and sanitize each and every area of the house and ensure that there is no impurity left behind, you must engage the professionals a day before or after the move to avoid cross contamination.

Coronavirus is a lethal virus and highly contagious. If you cannot avoid moving during the pandemic, make sure you take precautionary measures to contain the virus. There are ample ways to make your move enjoyable and safe. You must adhere to the government guidelines to travel and hire a credible moving agency that has its own Coronavirus strategy for a safe move. Stay safe, stay protected!

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