HTC’s June revenue hits new high this year

The launch of the new mid-range 4G mobile phone Desire 20 Pro drove revenue to rise, HTC (2498) June revenue surged nearly 63.5% to 649 million yuan, setting a new high this year, with HTC planning to list in Taiwan in August for the first 5G U20 mobile phone, August revenue will have a chance to rise again.

HTC released the mid-range 4G mobile phone Desire 20 Pro on June 15 and shipped it on the Taiwan market that day. With the increase in new mobile phone shipments, HTC’s revenue in June increased by more than 250 million yuan from May, which is equivalent to operating The monthly growth rate surged nearly 63.5%.

In addition to the 4G mid-range new Desire 20 pro, HTC also unveiled UTC’s first 5G mobile phone U20 at the June conference. U20 is not only the first mid-range 5G mobile phone in the Taiwan market, but the recommended price for a single machine is 18,990 yuan. At present, the cheapest 5G mobile phone in the Taiwan market, with the U20 5G expected to be sold in early August, there is a chance to drive HTC’s August revenue to take another wave.

In addition, following the announcement of the new high-end VR hardware Cosmos that supports inside-out tracking in February, HTC also launched the VIVE XR Suite virtual application software package. VIVE XR Suite consists of VIVE Sync, VIVE Sessions, VIVE Campus, VIVE Social and VIVE Museum Composed of and combined with VIVE Events event service solution, HTC hopes that with this software, meetings, family and friends gatherings, teaching, etc. can be carried out through distance as usual.

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